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Question about generic olanzapine — is it possible to have side effects with one brand and not another?



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Apr 15, 2017
Question about generic olanzapine — is it possible to have side effects with one brand and not another?

Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some insight about a family member diagnosed with schizophrenia who is currently living with us. She had a psychotic episode last year and was hospitalized, diagnosed with schizophrenia and prescribed Zyprexa. While taking it, she complained of constipation, brain fog, lack of energy, etc. She took herself off the meds eventually and seemed to be doing great. However, she had another psychotic episode upon visiting us, triggered by some unpleasant experiences during her trip, we took her to the ER and she was prescribed 10 mg of olanzapine, which has helped her a lot and she was not complaining of any side effects for over two months. She kept saying how these generic olanzapine pills made her feel much better than Zyprexa. However, once we had to get a refill, the doctor sent us to a different pharmacy to pick it up, and we got 10 mg olanzapine made by a different manufacturer. She hated these pills immediately, and was complaining of immediate onset of constipation, bloating, and just feeling really poorly. As a consequence, she stopped taking pills without telling us and we just found out because she complained of insomnia and also started showing anxiety about things that were typical of her earlier episodes. We are worried about what comes next. She took a pill yesterday but says she feels terrible immediately. Can anyone relate to this experience? Is it possible to have side effects from one brand and not the other, I thought it was all the same ingredients? Is it possible for the doctor to prescribe a particular brand if we ask them?


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Jul 8, 2013
The Prancing Pony
Zyprexa used to put me to sleep. Generic leaves me wide awake.

They are supposed to be identical - thats all i know.


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Aug 1, 2014
In my experience, and I am on Abilify for my szchophrenia conditions, when aripipazole went generic at some point, one brand I fouind agreed with me very well, then they had ordered and had a delivery of a different generic brand, and caused me to have a lot of upset stomachs. And it was fruit flavoured as well, I never can adapt to fruit flavoured medicine, and in my experience, it was the chemist pharmacist who advised I make a GP appointment, and to have them amend the prescription form to read Abilify, they could get that withoiut any problem, instead of Aripipazole, which is a generic. It was found and discovered, that the two came up as a same pricing, so it wasn't a problem, the GP who saw me, was then able to draw up, Abilify, instead of Aripipazole, and re-amended the prescription form, now since that was done, and I can't remember when it was, I have been very much fine, on Abilify, and at the moment, on 20ml, rather than 25ml.

I used to be on Olanzapine, and found it caused me to have too much weight gaining, and sleepign virtually all day long! With Abilify, I am much more awake for in the daytime, able to carry out my actiivities, and including exercising on a regular basis, to aid mental health recovery, and I happened to have had a pshycosis epsiode, back in 2004. Through several medications, and then Apripazole and Abilify, now, I have been very well non pshycotic wise through med control.

Anyway, apologies, diagressing, just to say, there is no harm in asking the GP service for a particular brand, if the other one gave such problems.

I have been much much happier on Abilify original, than Aripipazole, generic.

I'm Natalie, and I am a recoverer (if there's such a word) of pshycotic and very well these days, throuigh szchophrenia conditions.
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