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PTSD - Traumatised child/Coping adult



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Jan 20, 2009
Anyone else have trouble integrated a traumatised child self with a coping adult self? The traumatised child broke through her shell 14 months ago after a panic attack; she seems to be looking at me as a coping adult with accusations of leaving her behind, she's also bewildered about where she disappeared to - and doesn't seem to like where she's landed here in my coping adult world. Anyone suggest anything (CBT doesn't work because it calls for rational alternatives to anxious thoughts, etc, and though I can give rational alternatives, "she" is pretty scathing and asks how that's supposed to help her where I left her. (I suppose in other words I'm coming up with rational reasons why "the worst may not happen", but she's in a place where the worst is happening all the time). Generally, in my experience over the last 14 months in trying to get help, it seems the NHS is hopeless at dealing with any kind of mental disturbance that won't "go away" after visiting the CBT website and reading a couple of books. Private counsellors just seem to say yes they're experienced in the field, but it takes quite a few sessions for you to discover what they mean is they studied it for a couple of sessions on their course.


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Dec 15, 2008
Alice I posted in your other thread, but have a read up of e.m.d.r. it has been suggested to me by my psychologist.