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PTSD re hospital & mother on there



New member
Jul 21, 2016
Hi, I'd really like some help please. 2 years ago my sister was rushed to a&e and was dying in front of me. I had a brain hemorage (can't spell) there in a&e due to my blood pressure rocketing & was taken to a specialist hospital for a week. So I was unable to be with my sister at the end. From this experience I am unable to revisit this hospital & intense medical situations. Unfortunately my mother keeps going in after falling and historically she is an attention seeker & I have a very complicated relationship with her & have rushed many times to her bedside prior to the events 2 years ago (only for her to be very disappointed that nothing was wrong). She's in again today after falling. I live 100 miles away & my nephew has gone instead & I will go tomorrow (to the hospital ward if she isn't discharged). My problem is that my family think I am just lazy and shirking. I can't tell them i have ptsd as they will laugh. I know I must come over as a horrible selfish person.
Chris Walken

Chris Walken

Well-known member
Sep 28, 2014
Acacia; Get a Doctor to check you out. If ye have PTSD, then they'll diagnose it.

Ye family can't really argue with a properly qualified experts report, can they?


you don't come across as a selfish person at all, you come across as someone who has had a really awful time and who is doing the best they can to manage. I think you're right to avoid going to the ward until tomorrow, it will be very triggering for you and you need to look after yourself first and foremost before you can look after anyone else. Have you had any support to deal with the PTSD? It sounds like such a tragic situation you went through and i'm so sorry you feel your family won't understand. Families can be funny things but i don't think you are just shirking at all