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PTSD-like flashback over horrible things that never happened.



New member
Jul 7, 2020
Hello, I'm new to this forum and have ADD and bipolar disorder. But lately things have been happening that have really been disturbing me. The thing is, I daydream quite a bit, but lately my daydreams have taken sudden dark turns toward places that I never thought possible. I was in the middle of daydreaming on my lunch break the other day and suddenly my daydream turned very, very dark. I envisioned myself waking up during a very invasive rib surgery. I suddenly felt a horrible sense of bodily disfigurement and confusion. In real life, my blood pressure dropped and I passed out and started shaking and sweating uncontrollably. For the next half hour until EMS arrived I tried unsucessfully to shake myself out of this increasingly vivid daydream. I could even feel things like the tube they had shoved down my throat to help me breathe, and my exposed organs struggling to keep me alive. My ribs were literally splayed open in a way that hurt horribly. The wierdest thing about this is that nothing like this has ever happened to me and I'm certain if it did, I would not have survived. And yet, this daydream became so vivid and inescapable that it almost felt like a memory. To be clear, this was a daydream and I knew the whole time that it wasn't real. It was not a hallucination or a false memory. But still, it really shook me and it still does. I am trying to distract my mind and stop thinking about this but it's not working very well.
Does anyone else have dark daydreams, or pseudo=memories that affect you in this way?


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Dec 16, 2007
hiding behind the sofa
That sounds really frightening . A bit like a waking dream. Did they do a CT/MRI to check that nothing untoward was happening on your brain.
I have had daydreams that something dreadful was happening to my family but were told it was part of my MH problems and called catastrophic thoughts

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