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  • Safety Notice: This section on Psychiatric Drugs/Medications enables people to share their personal experiences of using such drugs/medications. Always seek the advice of your doctor, psychiatrist or other qualified health professional before making any changes to your medications or with any questions you may have regarding drugs/medications. In considering coming off psychiatric drugs it is very important that you are aware that most psychiatric drugs can cause withdrawal reactions, sometimes including life-threatening emotional and physical withdrawal problems. In short, it is not only dangerous to start taking psychiatric drugs, it can also be dangerous to stop them. Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should only be done carefully under experienced clinical supervision.

Psychotropic Medications Can Cause Birth Defects





ScienceDaily (June 25, 2010) — A new study shows that use of psychotropic medications during pregnancy increase the probability of birth defects. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have published an article that documents the serious side effects that can be associated with these types of medications.

Between 1998 and 2007, psychotropic medications were associated with 429 adverse drug reactions in Danish children under the age of 17. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen's Faculty of Pharmaceutical Studies have published an article in the open access journal BMC Research Notes concluding that more than half of the 429 cases were serious and several involved birth defects, such as birth deformities and severe withdrawal syndromes.
Professors Lise Aagaard and Ebbe Holme Hansen from the University of Copenhagen studied all 4,500 paediatric adverse drug reaction reports submitted during the study period to find those which were linked to psychotropic medications. The two researchers found that 42 percent of adverse reactions were reported for psychostimulants, such as Ritalin, which treats attention deficit disorder (ADD), followed by 31 percent for antidepressants, such as Prozac, and 24 percent for antipsychotics, such as Haldol.
"A range of serious side effects such as birth deformities, low birth weight, premature birth, and development of neonatal withdrawal syndrome were reported in children under two years of age, most likely because of the mother's intake of psychotropic medication during pregnancy," says Associate Professor Lisa Aagaard.
Use of antidepressants is increasing
The researchers believe that these tendencies should serve as a warning to doctors and health care personnel.
"Psychotropic medication should not be prescribed in ordinary circumstances, because this type of medication has a long half-life. If people take their medicine as prescribed it will be a constantly high dosage, and it could take weeks for one single tablet to exit the body's system. Three out of four pregnancies are planned, and therefore society must take responsibility for informing women about the serious risks of transferring side effects to their unborn child," says Aagaard.
There is a clear indication that use of antidepressants is increasing in Denmark, as well as in many other countries, and the tendency is the same when it comes to pregnant women.
"We are constantly reminded about the dangers of alcohol use and smoking during pregnancy, but there is no information offered to women with regards to use of psychotropic medication. There is simply not enough knowledge available in this area," concludes Aagaard, suggesting that greater control should be required when prescribing psychotropic medications to pregnant women.


The Birth of a Neanderthal ? (soz)

:evil:This is something that I know that can only be decscribed as human engineered travesty.

Nay, sheer audacity on trying to breed a nation of thickos. I mean, how ram packed do we need this side of the fence.

I have heard about very interesting studies using the cognitive behavioral model, as its guide. As you and I know, the father of this, kept his daughter in a cage to experiment and try his theory - on his own children. I'd call that a little extreme by any measure - be it their own or any child. I question a mans morality over his quest in science. Maybe he wanted to win an award -- possibly most scientists love awards. Its Intellectual Oscars for an over inflated ego. Sheer Ego Porn, complete Ego Porn -- errr or somink..

So if this is what we're stuck with -- what next?

The trials on this have been extremley rotton.

I know how stats can be massaged. Its an old trick. This was shocking and disgraceful.

[can you believe it, I can't find the orginal pdf of the Cost of Mental Health In Britian - The next 50 years]

In short:

(i) Dementure will eat up the budget
(ii) BPD is untreatable, other issues of concern are Anorexia (that I recall). They seemed to fudge the issue on treatment.

The premise which was a convincing reassurance was that -

"Mental illness will rise in direct proportion to the population"

A convinient truth.

I'm not worried now at all. Bullcrap Award.

I found that the rigorous selection criteria of individuals connected to the study, was interesting and very logical to the ear - but smacked on an absoloute, that we know doesn't exist. It was too perfect.

[having worked in market research I know how many people cheat there way through getting interviews and the likes]

So that's a great hurdle. The statiscians and their fat pay cheque.

The next, the Funders -- usually found in Pickering, discussing luncheons about which type of tomatoe would be most suitable for the next fundraiser - complety devoid of reading any scientific journal.

I wonder how the other side of fence can live with themselves -- they sleep like boozed lambs in the church of polite society.

There's a great image on the future of man -- seen in the metro a few years ago. (can't find it). But this made me laugh.

I haven't got on to answer the question yet.

Catch u later - The Genetic Underclass...can't really remember this film too well, but tis a future that is pretty real.

Have a pleasant week



Anyhows, I look forward to having a think about this today, and I'll put something more concrete on the subject. Apoologies for going all over the place, but I didn't quite know where to start on this one.

"Open the flood glates" - so to speak.


I'm just about to delve into NLP training, and its a 3 hour course.

Of course the subject has waffle potential that beggers belief. I'm not one to check on protoziation, amebo acids but have experience in data extraction. I used to think about tattooing the periodic table on my back, but thought it might let the other person behind me pass. Or maybe try Math -- I think it's a dangerous subject. It fails to amuse me, is my excuse.

Its the marketing department. Kill them all. What can you do with this sorry bunch.

There was a woman I found who was a previous sales rep for some drug company, she's onto something, but hasn't quite hit the mark. The best blogger on this as you know is Carlot, who refused the handout. I can't say anymore then that - however the ring of deciet in my opinion starts here:


I couldn't get over the board of directors or the award givers. All of them leaning towards behaviourism. I mean this bunch gives awards in advance right - a premetive stirke, swivvelling their glasses of wine and little canopes ~(with a little sprig of mint), aiming to inflate the egos of these guys. To me they are an old boy signal for well done --- destroy eveything in this direction. They haven't a clue. Why waste time. I'd do anything to engrave their tombstones.

Thanks for the post, it's set off my brain into loads of directions, including Oil Rig Design and Engineering. I'm also reading Decision making for the Weak Willed, Surfers Guide to Mockery and The Independent By JR Hartly.

On and on and on. So throw them a few facts, and then throw them again. Damn it where's that pdf. It must be underneath my brain scanner. *sigh*

Death is a hazard, but it does have lights haw haw haw...I'll keep bugging you.


I still haven't gotton round to seeing the NLP stuff.

I found this:

[this is not the video - had tech probs - see below]


The arguments against: Based on guiding a person to make a decision. Mind manipulation. Engineered by objects, placed to trigger memories. These can be sumblinal and an example of which has been propaganda. It's an old trick.

The arguments for: Obviously used by retarded teenagers to get a woman and get laid. However on more serious notes, what would you think of playing a game in which suggestive thoughts gave way to reaching a goal? The power is in the mind is it not. Should we have more noble thoughts then this, however in a game of evil, its a weapon of choice -- is it not? As a would be gravedigger, I would like to say that perhaps I'll go back into mental health and attend a few luncheons. To meet the shrinks.



Tech probs.

Hold up

[if this video doesn't appear -- I'll send you the name of the guy]

[YOUTUBE]<embed id=VideoPlayback src=http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docid=2926203395108198341&hl=en&fs=true style=width:400px;height:326px allowFullScreen=true allowScriptAccess=always type=application/x-shockwave-flash> </embed>[/YOUTUBE]

darn it. this forum needs a facelift.

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