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'Psychotic symptoms' vs 'psychotic disorder'



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Mar 23, 2009
When, I wonder, does one cross over to the other? I have a diagnosis that’s not included as a ‘psychotic disorder’ although psychosis can occur within it.
It is however regarded as a “schizophrenia spectrum personality disorder”

In correspondence/notes about my mental health are comments like “Suffers from psychotic symptoms " /“And he has in the past suffered from some delusional thoughts which are now managed by medication”/ " has difficulties with perception”/ “confused and paranoid thinking”

Obviously this suggests something more than plain neurosis is going on and yet it doesn’t cross over into warranting what is known as a ‘psychotic disorder’.

It would however fit into a 'psychosis spectrum encompassing signs of psychosis be they acute/transient or chronic and mild or severe.


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Jan 6, 2017
If you could live your whole life over with different doctors, you might end up with a different diagnosis. With all the doctors I've seen over the years in and out of hospitals, I've been given 5 different diagnoses. One doctor, who could hardly speak english, after a week in a hospital diagnosed me with borderline personality disorder after only talking to me for 5 minutes. After getting out of the hospital and I saw my regular doctor again, she said I obviously don't have borderline personality disorder. I think I have a good doctor now, finally, and I feel comfortable that she has diagnosed me correctly, probably because I trusted her enough to finally open up and share all my experiences. So maybe I am partially at fault for getting so many different diagnoses, because I wasn't being completely honest and open with them.


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Nov 20, 2017

I don't think we have an adequate description of what psychosis is in the first place if we really research and investigate what is going on with the senses, the conscious state, and cognitive response or lack of response.

Superficially a person is experiencing psychosis if they:

1) Have non-ordinary sensory or consciousness states.
2) If those sensory perceptions or conscious states are not shared (a part of a local or larger that forms a consensus).
3) If such perceptions or conscious states cause a person to feel ill at ease, with the perceptions or (and this is key) society in general.
4) If such perceptions or conscious states cause a person to harm others or themselves (the legal requirement for imprisonment against ones will).

The last two points (#3 and #4) is the entire reason psychiatry exists. The reason is to maintain consensus and to restrain those that break from culturally acceptable norms and behaviors. This is the reason for all the innovation from the beginning of psychiatric innovation, from chaining and beatings and burnings -- to medicinal restraints. Psychiatry is a necessary innovation for a state based society with a hierarchy and patriarchal lineage, to allow the hegemonic values of the elite to perpetuate and gain value (in the form of power and 'money') for itself in return of its rule. This is why every state either struggles with or enjoys totalitarian tendencies, whether they are directly from a single authority figure who is the reflection of a party and its ideology or economic systems of inverted totalitarianism, imposed by the population on its self with the guiding hand full of sticks and carrots from industrial and corporate oligarchs.

Psychosis according to my research and that of others, is the reaction of a whole organism (a mind, body, spirit -- a being) to toxins, much like a cough or sneeze is a reaction to antigen in the respitory system. Most if not all people that are so called psychotics are stuck in a perceptual reactionary mode because what ever toxins have fucked with them are still present and have not been mitigated or removed from their environment.

Like with an alergy, we can pour drugs on people and cause them to become dependent and sick in other ways (and make a lot of money in the 'process'), or we find out how to either stop the allergic reaction and calm the person from a chronic psycho reactive state, or make a real effort to change the environment we all live in, so to at least lessen if not remove the toxic elements of our culture and societies.

I am not sick I am having a wholistic reaction to my cultural societal environment. The basis of my so called symptoms is not illness but an incredible attempt by my whole being to adapt and overcome obstacles to my health and well being in this environment. I believe that most people that have this same experience would ultimately share my perspective on this. This is in fact why heavily moderated sites like this exist, so we can find ways in which not to drug ourselves into poverty and become wards of the state, but instead rally together, not only to help ourselves but others in this struggle, be they diagnosed, mis-diagnosed, or full of ghosts.
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