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Psychosis or not: Anxiety and panic attacks


Bart D

New member
Dec 25, 2011
Dear all,

When I was younger, about 18, and a close relative died, at first it did nothing to me. After a while, however, it started to work deeply against me; Suddenly, I was trembling all over (I had a severe energy deficience; It's hard to explain, like having a surplus of energy all over your body).

I ended up, even tough being subscribed different forms of medication (this was 1995) with nothing working, on a baxter in the hospital, half of my usual weight, and still feeling full of energy. I was thinking not to get out of it, sleeping 16 hours a day. Miraculously, one day from the other, the symptoms disappeared, and I was able to go home.

15+ years later and I was feeling stress and small panic attacks for a while now (heart problems with loud noises, lack of sleep, etc.). I have seen one neuropsychiatrisct who declared it anxiety problems and just prescribed Xanax and Trazolam to sleep.

Now I found out I have issues with bookkeeping in my organisation with missing papers and such and the moment I found out with the person doing accountancy, I started to have the attacks I had long ago again. I seem absolutely certain that we will have a control of all paperwork while people tell me to calm down and it is not such a big matter (in my eyes, it is). I went to see a different psychiatrisch which prescribed me a generalist form of Zyprexa.

My problem is that I get heart problems, problems to breathe, and a general fear all-round, which makes me not able to sleep very much or not at all and hard to get through the day. I have no idea whatsoever if I can keep this up with working?

So far, I have noticed no effect from taking Zyprexa but I am assuming it takes some time to kick in. I have no problem with any possible weight gain, but between the Xanax, Trazolam, and now Zyprexa, I would like to know with people having had similar problems if this is the correct treatment, it does not feel like it so far, and I don't want to fall incapable of working, for obvious reasons: As I fear a huge fine on my paperwork missing or badly organised, I will need the money from it.

It's a circle of thoughts that keeps spinning in your head with no way out, always coming back on the same problems; I don't feel like having hallucinations in itself, everything is just in the way of thinking.


Hi Bart - Your physical health is JUST as important as your mental health. A friend once said to me, you eat well and you are well...(I think it may have been a spanish proverb). To answer what you would like to know - I can say from experience that meds do not have the same effect on each person. They differ greatly. That's why quacks get ants in their pants swapping meds all the time.

Frankly, if you are having circulation difficulties, the first thing you should so is:

(A) Go for a blood test. With a nurse at the practice
(B) Inform your GP and QUACK

Just my tu#pence....had similar issues with risperdal. Be brave.

:) me