Psychosis - My analysis and tips to deal with it



May 22, 2016

The following is a list of things people with psychosis or auditory hallucinations may experience. The voices people hear are often thought of as ghosts, angels, demons or extraterrestrial beings that are telepathically communicating with the living by the people experiencing mental health problems.

The purpose is so that people know and understand the common tactics or mind games used by these voices to put them in a negative state. This way people can understand when a certain thing is happening to them, try to avoid it and remain positive.

I have had psychosis for 4+ years now and it has always seemed like external or spiritual forces communicating with my mind rather than a problem with my own mind which my family, friends and doctors believe. By analyzing what the voices are doing and understanding the tactics they are using i can now handle mental health problems a lot better and focus on reality much better than in the past.

I hope this will help other people that have experienced similar problems and they will be able to become more positive with these tips.

Tactics Of Voices

Voices can only read your memories alone, they will try to make you think of negative things from the past to bring up bad emotions, try to forget about them, its the past now.

Voices have the option to use Audio DSP, by this i mean they can change the pitch, tone or gender or even become non human sounding, if you realize what they are capable of you fear them less.

Voices will try to rhyme or link nice or regular words with something negative. This is because they want you to think that negative thoughts every time you hear the normal words in life.

Voices will try to over hype everything, for example make you worried about your health when it is probably fine, it can be easy to over worry when there are problems, try to relax and remain calm.

Voices will eventually figure out words and past events that upset you and constantly keep talking about them, know that this is one of the main ways they can upset, learn to not pay any attention.

When you first hear voices you might believe the story's you hear, this is because you are trustworthy, the voices are trying to trick you into communicating and believe lies.

Don't ever consider following voices orders even if they offer you rewards because it's just negative tricks and any commands that seem ok at first will get gradually worse and more negative.

Don't get angry or fearful, this just makes things worse resulting in overwhelmed negative emotions and is exactly what voices want, if you start getting upset try to calm down.

Dont ever feel guilty about anything you know you haven't said or thought, once they have said something bad they will try to convince you that you said it.

Voices will always try to make you doubt yourself, feel scared, anxious or get angry. Learn to know when its happening and change your mood.

Voices will try to make you feel you have been blasphemous, you haven't they are and they want you to take the blame.

If you have thought negative thoughts, know they persuade you to think that way so you can be convinced into it and it's not as bad as you think because you were just tricked by them.

Voices will try to convince you that you are Jesus etc or someone special, your normal, they are trying to make you blasphemous, egotistical or give you spiritual delusions.

Voices will try to convince you that they are someone special like the devil or demon names that you know about, however bad they seem they probably aren't.

Voices will talk about people who have passed over or your no longer in contact with and claim to be them. This is because they think you will believe the story they tell you as you can't prove them wrong.

Voices will claim they are going to hurt you, they can't much unless you are vulnerable (Trying to sleep, ill or upset etc) and it will usually just be slight pains, know you are safe.

Voices will try to make you harm yourself or worse, don't ever do that, it's a sin to, why let somthing negative get what they want.

Voices will get angry when you have been ignoring them, if they raise there voices or scream at you know that its because they want you to focus on them, don't.

Voices will try to stop any positive plans you have like visiting friends etc, it can be hard to do certain activity's and get tempted not to but try to force yourself to do positive things.

Voices will try to make you focus on them, if you do you can just be standing around or laying in bed etc for ages, try to notice when this happens and snap out of it then learn to stop doing it.

Voices will complement you on occasions, they are probably trying to trick you into communicating with them again, instead just be greatful for the complements and keep avoiding talking to them.

Voices will try to make you go back to bad habits you have quit like smoking etc, even if you don't hear the voices it's them trying to convince you it's a good idea because they know it hurts you.

Voices will try to convince you to be negative, even if you don't hear the voices and you think or do something wrong it's them behind it, if you do they will then try to make you feel guilty after.

Voices will try to convince you that you are the only person to experience them, lots of people have psychosis and other common mental health problems so never feel alone.

Voices will distract you from communication by saying negative things about them or things to upset you. This is to make you focus on them and avoid people, focus on the real world as much as possible.

Voices will try to convince you that people think certain things about you, say things about you or can hear your thoughts etc, they can't and don't.

Voices will try to make you mistrustful of others, usually after you have been in contact with someone then they will start talking about them. If your friends with someone you should trust them.

Voices will be judgmental of people you see by saying things like old, fat or worse. This is because they want your mind to get to the point where it naturally starts doing it and make you negative.

Voices will try to give you phobias or fears by telling you a list of negative possibilities that could happen when confronted with something. Tell yourself these are unlikely and don't believe them.

Voices will try to give you OCD by telling you to constantly repeat an action like check a tap is off or a door is locked, learn to notice your original actions and reassure yourself you did it once.

Voices will try to give you appetite loss or weight gain because the make you depressed and are either putting you off a sensible diet or you look to food for comfort, try to stick to regular meals.

Voices will try to make you depressed, this is because they want to tempt you into becoming as negative and upset as possible, the more negative you think the worse it gets, don't let them win.

Tips For Voices

If you have voices from psychosis you can witness what people without it would call guilt, paranoia or anxiety and how it really works. Everyone has these voices but they just can't clearly hear them.

Learn to analyse common tactics of the voices like this list does, once you know the methods used they will be less effective on you.

Try not to communicate by talking in your mind, voices will later tap into a deeper mental voice then make it seem as if you are still talking with thoughts.

If your not saying anything in your mind but voices try to make you talk with thoughts, know it's possible thoughts and not what you would really choose to say, it's them being negative.

Replace negative words with positive words, even if they say something disturbing try to then think of something nice like jesus after.

If you ever visualize the voices them think of them as something nice like cats rather than demons.

If you ever visualize the voices place things that comfort you around them (Positive symbols, cute animals etc).

Try to be free of sin, if you do your just a normal person, voices will try to make you dwell on your mistakes so the less you make the less negative things they can say.

Try not to listen to or watch anything negative, when you do it's just more negative content they can talk about.

Use positive mantras, for example you could occasionally something positive like 'Peace and love' or if you are christian you could say 'Jesus'.

Nightmares / Lucid Dreams / Sleep Hallucinations

When you have dreams or sleep hallucinations know it's just mental images rather than with you in reality, you are safe.

With dreams, sleep hallucinations or paralysis you can be overwhelmed with an emotion like intense fear when you wake, this can be normal, you are safe.

Once you start hearing voices (psychosis) nightmares are common after, when you have them and remember what happened try to overwrite the negative parts by visualizing more positive things.

When you have lucid dreams know you are always safe even if a creature was to try and attack you, nothing bad will happen in reality.

When you have lucid dreams that turn negative, try to visualize more positive things, if there are faces that look angry for example think of them smiling instead.

Certain medications like zopiclone can increase hallucinations, if they are getting negative try to stop the medication involved (Reduce gradually to avoid withdrawl problems).

When you have hallucinations and see peoples faces, demons or creatures then learn to ignore it rather than wondering who or what they are.

Night can be the worst time of the day (Voices, nightmares, hallucinations, sleep paralysis etc), try methods to get to sleep like a comfortable position, try to clear the mind etc.

Life Tips

Socialize, visit friends, talk to family etc.

Visit church etc, faith in something positive will help you.

Go to the gym, keeping your body healthy will help your mind also.

Go for a walk, get fresh air, focus on reality.

Eat as healthy as possible, being vegan is good.

Take care of your personal hygiene, wash, change clothes and clean your home.

Certain things in foods and drinks like the spice Turmeric, Blueberries, Omega 3 (Flaxseed Oil) and Green Tea etc are good for the brain (Neurogenesis).

Drink a good amount of water or something healthy like a smoothie.

If you do, stop or limit drinking caffine, alcohol, smoking or taking drugs. These will just make your health and mind worse possibly causing more problems.

Go to bed at a sensible time like 11pm and get up early when you have had a good nights sleep.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can help with a range of mental health problems like psychosis.

When you are feeling negative think about something that makes you happy like family, friends, religion or a holiday etc you once had. This will make you more positive.

Mind Tips

If you are ever feeling negative or anxious force a smile even if you are not happy, this makes you more positive and decreases stress.

Distract your mind, when you have nothing to do then voices are worse (Books, puzzles, board games, nice tv shows or films etc).

If you are anxious you may do things like grind teeth, shake your legs, scratch, pinch yourself etc, learn to realize when you are doing this and stop.


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Jan 27, 2015
Hi nice guy and :welcome: to the forum.
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I agree, thank you for posting. I had a similar list on my blog a few years ago, from my personal experience. But it seems many things are common to all of us, and I'm glad you posted it :)


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Hi :welcome:

Great post and I think it helps to contemplate and self reflect, it is the defense and wisdom for another psychotic episode, I feel paranoid at the moment but this helps :)