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Psychosis is an amplifed version of your fears



but your sense of self or "ego" can't take the truth, so it hides it from you in symbolism and metaphors, all the distortions are about you and anxiety...paranoid delusions are to do with guilt/shame, grandiose delusions are about inferiority and trying to be powerful....the paranoid delusions can be exaggerated as a form of exposure therapy to the feeling and thoughts...if you can't accept the delusions, you can't accept the reality...that's the skivvy from the wannabegooroo......accept being imperfect, accept the emotions and accept inferiority, and accept you will have mixed feelings/thoughts about this..


Complex interpretations are at work,
Who's to say the paranoid delusions are not a spiritual journey, a mission or an awakening...ect?


they are an awakening from the unconscious, interpretations which you aren't ready to accept yet, seemingly simple stuff, like you think your a bad person or you have unresolved guilt about the past
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