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Psychosis cause by abuse Fully Trained musical ear here



Active member
Jul 14, 2018
My name's Andrew. :) So I'm a musician, with a very well established ear and mind. :) I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia .. my dad is making noises/ tones like its the end of the world, or the tones a schizophrenic would get lost in in psychosis, however im on medicine right now, and i'm not going anywhere,. ..I know this for a fact. He called me a retard, and also said I was gay. However, neither of those are true and im a much better musician than he is.. ive written 277 songs.I realized that my dad caused my schizophrenic episodes, because I became aware while playing guitar. He and my sister treated me like shit in the last one, they were always ganging up on me, like i dont hear what tones theyre using, they appeared to sinicle ***holes. I feel like they put me into a stupor or mindstate where I was having an episode, it was non stop and always happening. My first episode was caused from abuse from my dad, by the way he made me feel and treated me and also the tones he used. I got so depressed "think of it as the psychosis tone" (that one) and I lost touch with reality or whatever you want to call it. For all you musicians, the psychosis tone is the major 2nd note in the Aeolian mode. I currently live my dad still.. he threatens to put me in a stupor with these tones and kick me out of the house.. his intent is to make me highly depressed again and send me into psychosis.

But anyone else feel like, its just how you feel, and the things you experience? Maybe .. caused by the tones/ or music you hear? The tones would be sad/scary like tones, those are the mood descriptions of them.
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Well-known member
Jan 6, 2017
I've been playing my mandolin for my 4 month old grandson and he seems to like it.....makes him smile a lot. He gives a better reaction when I play light, happy songs with a lot of high notes, rather than low, dark songs.


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Aug 6, 2016
Hi Andrew. Nice to meet you. To me it seems like you're coping really well.

I've had problems with my Dad as well. (For instance every time I talked about being a successful Entrepreneur he would say I would never amount to anything - and so I used to go upstairs and cry.) Thankfully, though, these days we have a wonderful relationship.

So yeah I know what it's like and I hope things will improve for you.

: )