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Psychosis and music



Actually in terms of sounds its a sin is proberly the best quite right n I have been so disapointed with all the stuff in th middle but I think they ahe done quite a lot of other stuff like wrtiing n things for other artists I think thats htere isnt much music that hassent had ahelping hand from the guys including there voices on other peole music including the likes of girls aloud I beileve, apperently they offered kylie a track for her x album n she snubbed them now I bought agreat kylie remix album this year n yet I couldnt stand her music ever but I love this album its the remix this millenium.
You just never know where are music tastes can take us I love some of the stuff of late I love the kings of leon, I lie miley cirus, my tastes are such a wide spectrum. I never really got into the 70/80's I loved the new romantic scene but really music took off for me in the 90's with the exception of t.rex n the adorable marc bolan the first man that I ever loved. " Ride a white swan"

Its good to talk to you qf take care :hug: