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psychiatrist appt



Apr 8, 2013
United Kingdom
I have a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow morning and I am really nervous and I won't talk. My mental health worker said I have to see him cos I presenting psychosis symptoms. I don't think I am to be honest cos everything I see and hear and think it real but she doesn't think so I have to see him tomorrow. I told my mental health worker medication increase cos my angel said any increase will mean brain damage and my mental health said the psychiatrist might increase my medication so I am worried about that. I am almost wanting to cancel the home visit.

Crazy Lady In Stanton

Well-known member
Aug 29, 2015
Stanton, CA
I don't think angels know as much about medicine as doctors do. Angels are very old fashioned beings. They were formed before the invention of such things as phones, and computers, and modern medicine. I think your best bet is to do what the doctor says.