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Psychedelic Therapy



May 18, 2019
I am new to this forum, but wondering if this has been discussed already.

I have actually driven around, or other times when I am just by myself and yelled to try and reset my mood. I usually can't hear them, but when I do I just find it ridiculous. Now, this was about nine years ago, and according to biology our brain cells reset every seven years, but I experimented with psychedelic healing. I was just getting out of the military and it was a difficult time. I honestly never felt more fulfilled in my life than when I was experimenting with psilocybin, MDMA, and a few other substances. I think they are better for some people than pharmaceuticals.

My voices are not that bad, they are barely distinguishable as actual words, but maybe I am easily irritated. I used these substances intelligently though. I read from people like Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, have read the DMT, spirit molecule book but never used DMT. I do not think these substances caused the voices, because they were so long ago. I wonder if using them would actually clear the voices again. MDMA after all was originally created to treat veterans. The only thing is these substances are all illegal, and there's only certain places where I would do them again.

I have been prescribed trazadone to help me sleep and drown out the voices. Oddly enough this drug was invented in the 1960s, and I wonder if people experimented with LSD to create trazadone. I will say, its nowhere near as good. It does help me sleep, but I do not use it anymore because of the side effects. I'm waiting on a few potential job offers, and to start grad school, but there's a good chance I will take a week or two vacation before classes start. I could use that time to visit the Bay Area or somewhere similar, to decompress my mind.

Anyway I am interested in what people think about this stuff here. I've used the hip forums site to talk about such things, and there are a few good websites like erowid where people have shared their trip stories. I think overall these substances not only made me happy, but smarter, more creative, and left many good memories.