Ramson mash

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Feb 1, 2019
When it hits the fan, and we find ourselves in a situation where our minds are in potential overload, shock and eventual shutdown. Not to mention suicide through creative means and an interesting way of destruction. An obvious eye opener and no doubt draw interest from the masses.
Do you know what its like to have the world recognise this? Like mother nature has your back, understands you and will protect you from further harm? Do you know what this does to a labrat?
Well i can tell you, i went super soft, i still feel special, i would have been better recognising however that i am not, at the time. But i needed empathy, no one will understand how many needles they poked me with, from angles that hurt me on so many levels. This is why i became obsessed with the abstract ideas because nothing was concrete, i was trying to make sense of it.
No one will ever take responsibility for your fuck ups, and even when they do. Its you who is left with the guilt and no self worth. Thats why i want to fight because i am ashamed of what my family thinks of me, my dads funeral will require alot of str.ength but i will stand up and be counted.
Where they are from a human gets reduced to an animal if they are irresponsible. A dog. Im not a fucking dog. Im a fucking legend, you see the mentally? Its good vs evil to the extreme. And everyone is now a friend or foe, black and white, dark and light, i obsess over it. I make enemies out of ordinary folks, because what else am I? Someone who gets put in thier place constantly since birth, not a chance.
Things change us for better or worse. I recognise i am a serious problem, but i am conditioned, i must take responsibility for my actions though. Even if i have been reduced to this, there is still pride left and the motivation to change.