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Productivity tips?

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Dec 30, 2020
I have a new official diagnosis of BP1. I'm trying to figure out how I can manage to be productive at school. I go to college for music and psychology. It's always tempting to want to be manic to get my work done, but that's never sustainable and I know my loved ones never want to see me that way again. It started off enjoyable but then quickly got out of control and ended me up in the hospital. I've been dealing with a lot of depression lately as well. I just want to learn to deal with my life. I feel completely worthless and just unproductive all the time. It's exhausting.


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Feb 7, 2021
Trying to figure out similar for myself. Sure there will be good advice coming to you from the Forum soon.


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Apr 20, 2019
I don't know about the "tempting to want to be manic" part, both in terms of I wouldn't know how to turn it on and off like a switch and also I'm not sure I would really want to even if I could! Productivity only seems to come, for me anyway, in a well state, or a 'good' Hypomania, anything more is way too much to do anything without chaos following.
My advice would be to aim for wellness, balance, equilibrium, calm - you don't want the unpredictability of anything else if you want to make it through studies or work or anything really, and you can take that from someone that almost didn't make it through their studies due to a late episode, still late enough to make me drop my grading and miss important work though. So manage yourself well. Limit stress, ensure regular sleep times, and do whatever else works for you to remain WELL.

Feeling low and unproductive...could that be medication related?


Mar 27, 2021
I have a new official diagnosis of BP1. I'm trying to figure out how I can manage to be productive at school.
I started college right after my BP2 diagnosis. I would get super hypomanic about finishing my work and getting good grades but it would pull me away from my family. I also got super manic and took up a bunch of unrealistic hours at a job I had at the time.
As far as episodes go the only thing that helped with those were my meds. I would say when you're not manic set some boundaries for yourself like how many hours you should realistically do your homework for. Sometimes this is hard with big projects, but would suggest maybe limiting how may hours you spend "perfecting" it if you tend to do that, cause I did all the time.
Set a time you force yourself to shut off your computer and relax and go to bed, which helps school or not.
With depression it's hard too. I actually got so depressed off my meds I dropped out, I don't suggest that at all! Try to find some coping mechanisms to help inspire you to get up and try to get your work done and study. Set a time of day your going to be productive and force yourself to get your homework done even if you feel uninspired.
Find your triggers and have a plan on what to do when they happen. I have a whole notebook filled with coping mechanisms, notes of triggers, early signs of episodes and affirmations.
I also just live off planners, lists, and scheduling myself even though I kinda resent I have to to function like a proper adult person. I'm starting school again in fall and I hope I can control myself a bit better this time.
Hope this helps, this is all I know. lol

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