Private Therapy?



Nov 26, 2016
Hi there,

I'm currently on a waiting list for high intensity CBT and have been since the end of last year. I'm really struggling to cope with anxiety and God knows what else as my moods are so unpredictable and exhausting. My Gp can't help other than offer meds but I'm really trying my best not to go back down that route as my impulsive behaviour and sudden suicidal drops concern me too much to have medication in the house. Plus they have a tendency to make the mood swings worse.
I'm now enquiring about private Therapy, once or twice a month to help me at least get through 24hrs without wondering where my mood is going to end up. I'd love to be able to afford full private care and even 'just' seeing a counsellor is a huge financial stretch so I was wondering if anyone has any experience of using private care whilst waiting for NHS treatment? I'm mad with myself for not coping better but unfortunately things are how they are and I can't hurry it up. I'd like other thoughts and opinions to help me come to a decision as I rarely trust my own thoughts these days.


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Jul 19, 2010
middle earth
I had private therapy for a while when I was waiting for the NHS stuff to come through. I went twice a month as I couldn't afford any more. It was useful, and sort of got me into the way of talking about things so I could make the most of the NHS therapy. The woman who did the private therapy was more gentle than the NHS woman, which was also a good thing - I was ready for something a bit more challenging by the time I had the NHS therapy, and that's what I got.