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Private therapy. Feeling unwanted in therapy



Mar 13, 2015
It has been 2 years now and I am paying for private therapy.

The person is BACP registered and from a reputable background, I specifically chose this psychotherapist because they have extra experience in dealing with the issues I have

I decided I needed to try private therapy as what the NHS and charities offered was not enough, and always rushed - if you couldnt talking about something you were not ready because you were not working with them.

The problem I have now is that I feel that the psychotherapist does not want to see me. Even if I call or email 3-4 days before contact I dont get a response until the day of the appointment. Which the time is often changed to suit other patients, and I either have to slot in or cancel. It also is not unheard of to have on the day appointments cancelled with less than an hour notice. (meaning I waiting on the bus stop/on the bus already travelling).

I have also been left stood in the pouring rain (as this morning) while another patient over runs, I appreciate that you cannot always plan what gets said and done in 50 minutes but with me then you notice them clock watching. and for the last 20 minutes you get 5 minute updates on the time and to "be mindful" what to talk about because it will be time to close soon, and "you may need to leave upset". The actual sessions though are usually fine, I dont have an issue.

I have tried to talk about how I feel with the psychotherapist. brought up again this afternoon was I tried to explain I feel like the psychotherapist doesnt want to see me, and how the pointing out every few minutes that the session is ending just makes me anxious.
the response I got was "if you choose to have any therapy that is your choice I cannot influence that" Again I tried to explain and it was repeated to me.

It is costing me £55 to attend these sessions and I am really struggling financially (appealing a benefit claim) so I could be just feeling sorry for myself

Am I just being overly paranoid? What I dont want to do is quit therapy and end up worse off long term.


Aug 4, 2017
I'm sorry this is happening. You will know I think whether it feels possible to benefit from working with this therapist. But to me, just from what you say here, she doesn't sound empathetic at all and isn't treating you very well. You don't sound paranoid to me. There will be other therapist you could see if you choose to do that? xx