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Pristiq day - 1 will it work?



Nov 11, 2014
Melbourne, Australia.
I am starting Pristiq today, as I had very bad reactions to the anti depressant I was on previously. is anybody on Pristiq and can tell me if it works.. ( i understand that it's an individual thing) but just wondering what your experience was/is :panic:


Well-known member
Oct 12, 2014
I use to take 600mg of Pristiq a day. I found that only going above 400mg helped me. I don't think its worth your time if you're taking 300mg or less a day. Mainly because Effexor is much more effective on those doses.

On 500mg and above I was very calmly and all I got mainly was just side-effects, it rarely helped with my depression, where as 300mg of effexor and above did help despite the copious sweating. I'm not a particular fan of pristiq, especially if you're taking low doses, 100mg and below is pointless. But then again this is just my experience and I didn't react to any SSRIs.

IF this is your first SNRI, then I suppose it's a good choice, especially since it's a metabolite of an SNRI. Hopefully you'll have better luck with it than myself. The good thing about taking 400mg+ a day is that the drug will cost you $11.50 under the PBS providing your Dr. writes it out for you.
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