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Pretty Extreme Depression From Basically Being Alone For Too Long



Oct 3, 2020
I really believe that two years completely alone has the ability to shorten a person's life span. There comes a point when just going to the grocery store and checking the mail at 3am, repeatedly, over the course of two years, starts making a person feel as if they are insubstantial.

I have always felt like an entirely complete and normal person when I have ever had a person to think about all of the time and to have experiences with often. There is something about the softness of a female that changes reality for a man in ways that brings a lot of happiness to a person. If two peoples love languages match together perfectly there can be this kind of rhythm together that really heals a person at the core of their being.

I am trying to find videos on youtube that explain how to manage emotional pain and that is kind of my goal this week. It seems that pain happens in durations of 90 second bursts, the same as birthing contractions. Sometimes I can find things to take my mind away from the fact that a pathological level of loneliness is being experienced by my body and mind currently.

There must be some way to reframe the idea that pain is totally all bad, and to try to find thoughts that make emotional pain a kind of friend or teacher, or something to see in a different light. Its just I have not found those kind of thoughts yet. Tomorrow I will ask my therapist about "inner child healing" kind of therapy, and if there is a possibility to start in that direction together.


Sep 28, 2020
I know what you mean , but you will never find it from another person real nurturance, wholeness, peace of mind . That's why the divorce rate is 50 % people think its not working cause they don't get something from another person then they look for someone else . Therapy is great make sure you do the second half of the equation. Our part is with positive energy work, affirmations for nurturance , wholeness etc.. you can find on web do them out loud everyday. No one can rewire our minds but us.


Well-known member
Jul 31, 2020
Pain is an adaptive response, so they say. It's a normal experience, a warning things are not quite right. I guess it's like hunger. We'd be in major trouble without the feeling of hunger. Maybe pain is comparable to that.
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