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Preliminary Result of MHSSiA



Jun 24, 2009
Aberdeen, Scotland
Here is an update that I have just been informed about, regarding the Provision of Tender for a Mental Health Support Service in Aberdeen ( MHSSiA )

Pillar members were told, I believe, last night of the result.
Alford centre members were called to an emergency meeting today, at ACIS office.

:clap:Penumbra:clap: are named as the winning bidder, now this will need to be ratified, a process that takes 10 days or so.

Now obviously this is a bolt from the blue from the perspective of the users of both Pillar / Alford centre, after all, we both already have a service in Aberdeen city.

Personally, I was quietly confident that the tender would go with MHA, ( YES! I am biased in that thought OK OK OK.... ) but the simple logic exists, we (MHA) are already in place, we were the first to take a support service into Aberdeen and we have already managed to start off what is hopefully the continuation of re-enabling persons with mental ill health problems back into the community and out of the "centre base" approach.

But now the whole thing, after ratification of course, goes to Penumbra. :clap:

To say that people are hurt is an understatement, but when we sit back :tea: with a cup of tea, and allow ourselves the opportunity to think of the possibilities.

They have a lot of work ahead of them, and there are going to be lots of people around them, waiting to see what they will come up with, lots of expectations as well. As a current rep for the Alford centre, I will continue to monitor the outcome, and pending approval, I will personally see if there is a way to get some information out to the masses as it were.

I have already started a Twitter Trend, search for hashtag MHSSiA ie: #MHSSiA or #MHSSIA *** Cant get the proper URL for this at present, as Twitter is overcapacity ??? sighhhhh

So there we have it, Penumbra are the service provider of choice for the Mental Health Support Service in Aberdeen.
I personally wish them well, and look forward to the future and what it will hold for all of us.



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Dec 18, 2007
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thanks I heard the same thing but was too unwell to post...Hope you are well Wayne....Yeah sad times for AC but that's life...

Keep us informed..I'm relying on you!