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Pregnant with bipolar disorder



New member
Mar 12, 2019
I'm am currently 3 months pregnant with my 3 child I got my diagnosis of bipolar 2 in 2011. My older 2 I didnt have a diagnosis of it as I had them in 2007 and 2008.
Ive been told I have to have a parenting assessment to see if I'm capable to look after the baby. I'm absolutely terrified that my baby is going to be taken off me once he or she is born. As my older 2 live with ther dad as in 2012 things got that bad I couldn't cope with anything anymore and I tried to end my life. So as a result in that I had social work involvement and they were fine with me still being the solo career for my older 2. But my ex partner took me to court when he found out about it and he was award temporary residence of the children. They have now lived with him for 7 years and I have regular contact with them have them for all the school half terms as they live a far distance away from me.
I'd love for them to come back to live with me but we have never been back to court since as I've never wanted to disrupt there lives as they are settled in school and have there friends. So me and there dad have kepted it as they live with him but I have them school half terms and speak to them on the phone most nights.
I've come a long way since I tried to end my life 7 years ago I was just in a really bad place and at that time I kepted it all to myself and couldn't face telling anyone I was struggling. Ive worked on my bipolar and been doing really well with it taking my meds and going to my appointments to see the psychiatrist when I have them. I now know when I am struggling to go and seek help by the services out there and have always gone back to my GP when I have been discharged from community mental health services. To get a referral back to the services.
I'm just terrified that because of my past it will go against me when baby is born and baby being taken off me.


Jun 17, 2018
Is the father to the child your currently pregnant with still around? Is he willing to support you? If not can you ask friends and family for support? I don't have children so I can't fully comment on how it is to be a parent, but I know if you have made progress and can actively show that to the social services they will support you to keep your baby. Try not to put yourself through too much stress and focus on doing what you've been doing for the past 7 years and that's improving your mental health. Just to say well done on fighting through that difficult part of your life, it's far from easy to get back up on your feet and keep fighting when you've reached the bottom of the pit.