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Pregnant and anxiety returning?



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Feb 25, 2009
Hi I suffered really bad from panic attacks and severe anxiety for a year before being placed on cipramil 20mgs daily, this helped and while i was on the medication for 2 years i never had a panic attack or suffered from anxiety. I came off the meds in August of this year and fell pregnant a couple of months after. I have been fine up until now. I a getting the old feelings i used to get - feeling a weight on my chest, like i cant get a proper breath, yawning excessively (for some reason this helps me feel i am breathing properly) and i am afraaid this will now escallate and i will be back to square one. I cant take Cipramil whilst pregnant so i feel helpless and scared that i have no were to turn. What can i do to help myself? Is there any meds known to be safe in pregnancy? And also has anyone suffered the same situation? Any comments would be most appreciated. Thanks :confused:


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Apr 4, 2008
Best to see the GP or midwife now so that you can look after yourself before the baby is born. It may be that a course of counselling would help instead of an anti depressant. Hope it goes well.
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Hi there,

Have you thought about taking up some relaxation techniques?
I'm sure google will come up with something relevant for you.
I agree discuss things with your gp/midwife.

Good luck!


Feb 18, 2009
oh man, i feel for you. how far along are you? kinda in the same position except we were trying, got pregnant, and i miscarried at nine weeks in january. now, we just want a baby so bad and have been trying again but i worry about my anxiety. what if i'm the reason i miscarried? what if it happens again?? i want a baby so badly though.i kinda think i am pregnant now but too early to test. same symptoms from the first time.

i decided to go to a counselor while i'm pregnant. i actually went ahead and got in it. had my first visit today. i don't know if it will help anything. they want to try the relaxation and everything. "find the source." we'll see.

try counseling. it might help. and talking helps too. especially to people with anxiety themselves. if you want, you and i can email each other or something. anxious pen pals. lol. i like helping when i can.

my doctor said if i'm really anxious during pregnancy, a low dose beneril might help. talk to your doctor first, of course. my psych professors sister couldn't be tooken off her meds when she got pregnant and had a baby just fine. you really just have to discuss those sorts of options with doctors. if you can use distraction or something instead, it's a better way to go but i completely understand if you can't.

and i have been there with all the same symptoms before too so don't feel alone. yawning does help. so does singing out loud.

good luck.


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Dec 16, 2007
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Ideally try relaxation or meditation but you would need to speak to your gp regarding medication, because you would need one that does not cross the placenta.