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Powder Keg Today



Got paranoid thinking they are out to get me. Authorities or medical staff or wife? Irritable at the sound of the human voice blurting from the TV. Why do people on the box see the need to shout these days? Is it training or as microphone technology gone backwards? Give me a break....


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Jan 7, 2008
it's easier to beleive in incompetence than a paranoid plot as my sister puts it, can hear my neighbours tv again, not in a position to complain, the housing assoc etc won't take a schitzos side and they know it's the reason for housing, feel i've got less rights, think it's a fact as for noises been extra loud i'm getting that sign i'm stressed up

The nhs in my area they haven't the resources for a good paranoid plot, psychiatrists tend to be medical students who do badly, the top medical students go on to produce test tube babys
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