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Pounding in ear



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Jun 2, 2020
Hi everyone

Up again can't sleep horrible anxiety right now.
Everytime I go through this even sometimes during the day I get a horrible pounding sensation in my ear which is in time with my heart beat. And my heart beat was very rapid at this point which makes it sound worse.
Does anyone else deal with this? And does it get worse if your anxiety is bad? It's really annoying and quite scary.
Lunar Lady

Lunar Lady

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Mar 19, 2019
Hi Steff!

Yes - in fact, I had the exact same thing this morning. Horrible, isn't it?

This is what I do to get control:

(1) Sit in a straight-backed chair with bare feet firmly planted on the floor.

(2) Drop your hands loosely on your lap

(3) Work from your toes up the body, flexing the muscles and then releasing them until you are certain that you aren't holding yourself in a tense way - loose hands, dropped shoulders, relaxed neck, toes flat etc.

(4) Breathe slowly in through your nose only to the count of five....hold that breath for 5 seconds...then breathe slowly out of your mouth to the count of 8

(5) Play some relaxing music whilst you do this and sit absolutely still.

Here's a suggestion:

Your pulse will slow down and the thumping heartbeat and ear will stop as long as you are calm and keep telling yourself you're fine - you can control this (which you can.)

Give it a try :hug: It always works for me x