postnatal depression, is it?



Aug 1, 2012
Feeling low majority of the time, difficulty sleeping... Cant blame the baby he goes through! Feelings of despair and suicidal thoughts more frequent after hospital saga... Paranoid and stressed. Some days i do nothing but clean and try and finish doing my house up, i dont know where i get the energy from though as im so tired. Im very anxious now about speaking to any other professionals even my GP. I know i should but im scared. Is this just postnatal depression? a temporary thing? :(


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Jul 1, 2011
Hi OstupidmeO

I've been through post natal depression. Its horrendous. Every day spent in tears, unable to cope with the crying baby. Some days I would beg someone to take the baby away, the next day I would rip their eyes out if they came close. Its tough. I loved my baby with all my heart - it was just so overwhelming. My world had been turned upside down and I didn't know where to turn. I would see other mums with their skinny figures, hair and makeup done and immaculate houses, and wondered why I was still overweight, no make-up and still in my pyjamas in the afternoon! How did they find it so easy?
I went to the doctors - I didn't want to go but I was forced to by those close to me. It had gone past 'the baby blues' and was much more serious. I was terrified they were going to take my baby away.
They didn't. They supported me. They gave me some anti-depressants as a short term measure. They got me in counselling and provided me with support.
If you are feeling this way, I would advise you to get help. Not just for you, but for your whole family.
Please don't be scared. :hug:

I'm always around if you want to talk - you can pm me.

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