Post-Adolescence Tourette/Tics



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May 17, 2018
So it has been called a myth that Tourette Syndrome's tics lessen in severity with age. I however, in experience, have not noticed a lessen in severity, in fact, my tics have seemed to worsen over the years. I was not diagnosed with TS until I was 17, however I have had motor and vocal tics since the 3rd grade, and didn't know they were tics. From then they were persistent and rather chronic...I am now 18 an an adult, and the tics are said to have dissipated, however, I still have really severe tics, and they haven't backed down in the slightest. Is there an explanation for this? Such as maybe I just have Chronic Tic Disorder? Yet, CTD is only for motor tics...I still have vocal tics as well...