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Possible PTSD?



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Jan 4, 2020
Hi all, a bit of background:

So I first experienced child abuse when I was 15. I won't go into too much detail however I will say that it wasn't until I was 17 the extent of what happened sank in and as well as this only my husband of 2 years knows about every detail as it has affected things around intimacy.

I was also assaulted again by a client in his home when I was 30, employer at the time wasn't very understanding and I felt like I was being blamed for it. In a sad twist of fate I lost my granddad, who was my surrogate father, to a sudden and unexpected illness in hospital a month later.

I began having issues around about 2008. We'd moved to a new town and I felt as though other people were staring at me and giving me dirty looks. My emotions were very up and down at work, too, not only because of this but also because getting to and from work was very tiring, meaning I spent 2 hours in total commuting and going home. Luckily, we only lived there for a year.

Things calmed down until 2011 when I had to undergo an operation and suffered an infection. I was diagnosed with another physical illness at the end of that year, this particular one is not responding to treatment very well.

My friends and family at work suspect that someone I know (I don't want to go into specifics because there is only so much information I want to give at this moment) is giving me a little bit more attention than they really should. They are single, live alone and a few years older than me. Occurrences that have taken place seem too much, to me, to be coincidences and it makes me feel almost paranoid. I am happy to share these privately, as I greatly fear a risk of coming across as disturbed.

What I will say, is that my friends have told me this person has been talking about me. They also made, what others have said, sexual advances towards me - one very overtly during a chat with them, two other times at separate parties held by our company.

Over the Christmas period just gone, an unknown social media follower of mine began sending me messages asking how I am and "liking" my holiday photos (none of them were of me) before deciding to call my mobile five minutes later - twice. One friend said it sounded like the follower has a fake account and was in that area at that time. I had never given out my number to the follower or this person (though they had asked for my mobile number via direct message 3 years ago)

Oddly enough, I'd spotted a car that had driven by me, my husband and my in-laws a few days before all of this (23 December) when we were going out late Christmas shopping, this car belonged to the person who has been giving me all this attention and they'd only owned it for 6/7 months from what I have learnt. Same make, model, colour and vehicle registration plate. They'd told others at work they were going abroad for the holidays - out quite far, too.

I feel like I am seeing things, but part of me is considering taking measures to defend myself. Maybe invest in a personal alarm or seek help to deal with these problems? I don't know, I'm just debating so many different things at present, but one thing I am absolutely sure of is that I no longer feel safe or comfortable being at work for fear of being cornered or encountered upon by this person in a one-on-one setting. I am constantly having to look over my shoulder to ensure no one I recognise is following me, and surely at work I shouldn't have to feel that way?

Thanks for any advice.


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Jan 2, 2020
I dont have any advice re stalker. Have you gone to a psychologist about the possibility of ptsd and how to treat it? I have cptsd with dissociation and my therapist is excellent.


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Sep 5, 2019
On The Train
Hi Kari! I would make a journal of all the incidents of this stalker. I would also take pictures of the stalker when you see them. PTSD definitely makes one more hyper-vigilant but if you SEE (and others see) this person going by and calling and posting, just make a record just in case. If you can take photos of this person, you can review them later or have someone who does not have PTSD to review them and see if they are the same person. Definitely document, document, document, these things. If this person is a threat, your evidence will help you if the person is not a threat, then oh well, no harm done. I have been in your position before and I had always wished that I had documented from the first creepy thing. Don't be embarrassed to do so, it's your safety and well being and those are important too. All the best!