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Possible hospital treatment



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Mar 10, 2017
I've seen my psychiatrist today and I didnt really say a lot because I'm not really speaking much atm because I believe someone is watching me. I feel so scared and frightened by the voices. I feel threatened. So I just nodded and my support worker spoke for me. My support worker thinks I have an ED so she mentioned it to him. I dont know if it is or not. I didnt think obese people could have an ED. I basically feel sick every time I eat any food. When I'm at mine I eat crisps mainly like 2 or 3 big bags a day and thats it and some nights a take-away. After I eat I force myself to purge. Thats it really. Thats not excessive is it? Is it an ED? My support worker says theres inpatient treatment for it and she thinks thats what I need. My psychiatrist said the way that I presented myself today his going to ask my Care Co-ordinator to refer me to the Home treatment team and then they'll decide if to admit me to hospital or not. I feel like the voices are bothering me the most atm though so I dont know which I'de get admitted for. I'm self harming and feeling suicidal too. I hope they don't section me, I only got out of a section 2 in April.
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Oct 11, 2014
I think it is the way you purge that is the main issue (I saw your post unedited) and why you would need urgent treatment to help you stop doing that. It sound very dangerous.
Also purging after you eat is ED behaviour, it doesn't matter how much you eat before hand.
You can have EDs if you are overweight, bulimia or BED or EDNOS.
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