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Possible help with depression/relationship issues???



New member
Mar 4, 2015
Hey everybody, this may be a topic people think will be a minuscule problem but I was hoping for advice from people who understand. Sorry if long but I'll try to keep it easy to read.

I have had depression/anxiety for years. I've also been in a complete crap relationship years ago too. I'm now in a great one but it's began to be nonstop fighting. Like, incredibly depreciating, horrible fighting.

Pretty much: I am insecure, I don't feel worthy and I'm a terrible girlfriend. I'm emotional, and start fights and finally, he said something that clicked. He said you put so much emphasis on someone else making you happy. You need to make yourself happy too. And I realized he was right, I don't like myself at all so I was putting pressure on him to make me feel special and worthy but nothing is ever good enough. And nothing ever will be until I learn to love myself (I know, I know). But my question is... How can I stay with him while accomplishing this without getting worse... Or is it just futile and we should split? Has anybody done this or felt this way? I have to ask because this situation has dug me further into being a lunatic and deeper into my depression.
Toasted Crumpet

Toasted Crumpet

Feb 11, 2013
under the Forum Troll bridge
Just wanted to say hi and :welcome:

It's possible to work on yourself within the relationship, whether it's through therapy or some other method, imo. You relationship may change as you do so.

I am sure someone else will be along soon with more experience to give a fuller answer.


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Oct 12, 2013
I'm sorry, I don't have anything useful to say, just wanted to give you a hug of support x
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