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Possible Bipolar? New Here



New member
Oct 29, 2017
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Hi :)
I have recently been to see my GP and she has referred me for Talk Therapy, I originally went to her because I self harm and have been since I was roughly 13 year old. My memory is not the best and I can't quite remember the Whys, Hows, or Whens from back then. I will be 26 next week. I must add that the self harming has not been an on going thing since that age. The longest I went without any harming was approx 6 years. But over the past year I have relapsed and have went back to my old ways. (I will add here that at present I am not currently on any medication, I chose to refuse these until I next see my GP which is next week)
Anyways, I made the first step to go to my Doctors and like I say she referred me, I have had my first initial phone call assessment and had my call back to say I will be seeing two Psychologists and having therapy for Impulsive behaviour. I have no idea what any one this means or what it will entail. I'm also not sure if Psychologists can diagnose?

Anyways back to why I am posting in this part of the Forum. I know you's are not Doctors and can not diagnose me etc. But if I write what I seem to experience throughout my life if it sounds similar to Bipolar. I know there is a few more like Borderline Personality Disorder all run quite close to one another when it comes it 'typical' symptoms.
I never realised these could be symptoms, I just thought this was part of who I was. Since I was referred to a Psychologist that is when I started to read up on a few things.
So basically, I am very up and down with my 'Moods' I can be very down and depressed and self harming and not wanting to leave my bed or the house or even want to talk to any one. I can then be very hyper or on a high, where I can literally take on the world, I can be sat watching tele and feel this build up inside of extreme hyperness. I have so much motivation and confidence and believe I can do anything. I plan to open businesses, go to college and even plan holidays and pay deposits which never end with actually going or paying the full balance. In the past I have gotten my self in so much debt and arrears with my rent due to thinking other things are more important than having a roof over my head. Are they called phases? I went through a cake making a decorating phase where I literally spent all my money and things to do with that and making sure I had everything in. That is all now sat in my cupboard collecting dust, my next phase was Acrylic nails and making sure I had all that, I would sit for hours and hours watching You Tube videos to self teach myself. Etc etc. I can literally go days without sleeping and working a hundred hours a week. Which soon ends when I go into a low mood, when all I am doing is sleeping and not wanting to go to work.
As I have got older my tempter has got shorter and shorter not sure if that is just part of life and the fact I work in a taxi office on the phones and as a dispatcher, members of the pubic really do know how it hit all the right buttons :)
There will also be times where I can be sat here laughing my head off then burst in to tears in the same breath. My partner at the time used to say 'You're Bipolar you like' and I would happily laugh it off thinking to myself maybe. Who knows.
I have read that it can take years to be correctly diagnosed with it etc.

Anyways everything I have read on Bipolar nothing mentions anything about self harm so this kind of swerves me to it being something else. I'm just not sure.
I have my first appointment with my Psychologists on Monday 6th November so I suppose I will get more answers there regarding myself and when they hear my stories. There is a lot more to what I go through with these 'episodes' but I just thought I would keep it as brief as I could :)

Any advice or words of wisdom would be gratefully received :)



Well-known member
Jan 4, 2013
Welcome to the forum, your right psychologists can't diagnose only psychiatrists can.
You've been referred to help with your self-harming I think.
I think I have bipolar and not the schizophrenia I've been diagnosed with.
I recognise some of your symptoms such as spending excessively and low/high moods.
It can take years to get diagnosed correctly.
Take care


Well-known member
Feb 15, 2012
SW England
If your the manic type of Manic Depressive you'll love the mental health system. They'll see you as not only special but they'll let you get away with anything (Murder quite literally) and will let you in Hospital whenever you want, take as much booze and drugs as you want (Off the ward as well as on it) and give you every vocational and educational opportunity under the sun.

Don't worry about a thing-you'll have a ball.