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Possibility of bipolar?



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Feb 3, 2010
Hi all, I know nobodys a doctor here but wondered if maybe someone could offer me some advice.

I have been going to the doctors for probably 10 years because I believed I was having problems with my pill. I was getting extreme mood swings, really high and low with no pattern and have always put it down to this.

However, it seems to be getting worse the older I get (I am now off the pill.) I am having very bad bouts of depression but also times which are really great. I have been to the doctors for depression.

What concerns me a bit though is the depression doesn't really cause me problems. I get myself into trouble only when I'm in a good mood. I have lost my husband of 9 years due to this because I can act out of charachter. Go and blow the rent money on spending sprees etc for stuff I don't even want. He says it was like living with 2 people because I could go from being so down to so happy for no reason.

Anyway, I have recently been referred to a councillor/therapist through my doctor (just waiting for appt.) for depresiion. If it is more than depression will a councillor know.

I have had some anti-depressants from my doctor (mirtazapine) and almost instantly became full of energy which is great and nothing at all is bothering me. I don't need much sleep and I 'm having a really good time just getting on and having fun! I have told my dr this and she said it was good that they worked so quickly. Just a bit confused really how to keep my moods in check!

mad as a hatter

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Jul 23, 2008
the only thing i an suggest is keeping a diary off how ur moods r between the times u have 2 wait 2 c the counsller and that migt give them a better idea off what,s wrong with u