positives and negatives of concerns being recorded in notes




I hate my psychiatrist and I try not to tell her much of what is going on cause she is a judgemental arsehole. I was getting psychosis CBT from a psychologist for a while but after the team fucked me over and sectioned me I stopped seeing her. I didn't find CBT at all helpful but I do want talking therapy of some kind cause there is a lot of stuff it would be helpful to talk about and there isn't anyone in my life who would want to listen to it all so it needs to be some poor sap who is paid to listen me.

I decided to look for counselling from a charity but now i am thinking that one of the issues i want to talk through might be useful to have recorded in my NHS notes in case i decide i want treatment for this in the future. However i'm scared of being sectioned again and i'm angry about the way i have been treated by the NHS and i couldn't really talk about that with the team psychologist so I can't decide what to do. What would you do? Would you go back to the psychologist because it is worth having things recorded in case it speeds things up later on or would you go to a charity so you are not in danger of being locked up again?

Any thoughts or feedback would be gratefully received! :cheers::thanks:


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Dec 4, 2013
If you don't feel safe opening up to the NHS mental health team, I'd go to the charity first. Then you can discuss with them what your concerns are, particularly about being sectioned again. Ask them if there's anything in what you're telling them that would cause the NHS to section you. Then, depending on their input, you might feel safe enough to go back to the NHS, and put whatever you'd like on your record, on your record, for future reference.

I found the same thing with CBT; it is useless (for me). Hope you can get hold of a decent talking therapy soon where you're not having to worry about being locked up.

Having said that, if you're seriously in danger, I'd hope you do reach out to the NHS, even if they do need to section you - just for your own safety.


Thank you katya, that was a very helpful reply. I think you are right I need to find out if the risk of sectioning is real or paranoia before deciding what to disclose. I guess i am reluctant to have to talk it through twice with two different people but maybe that is just something i have to accept might be necessary.

I'm sorry to hear CBT was useless for you too. I wonder who it does help seeing it was touted as a miracle cure not too long ago!

All the best to you Katya, thank you