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As everyone knows they'll be a general election soon and I am dreading the outcome??
There appears to be an agenda to target the mentally ill,
certain papers label us as shirkers and wasters!!
The Dept of Work and Pensions via ESA are trying to force people off benefits.
How do others feel about this ??
Write to your MP and the Party leaders about this issue, let them know how you feel !!!



New member
Mar 19, 2010
ESA Medical again?


I fell upon your forum as I was searching for the MP who is wholly responsible for Employment Support Allowance and located this thread.

I attended Atos in June 2009 in London and now that I have moved I am being asked to attend another Atos in Oxford.

We are talking 9 months from my London Atos appointment??

I went from earning £36k a year in London last January to ESA when I developed IBS, but at a heightened stage. Imagine the worst case of gastroenteritis EVERYDAY coupled with DEPRESSION and living on peanuts. All of this was confirmed by private medical doctors/consultants and I guess I am on the short straw for Atos appointments.

Anyone else receiving the same treatment.

I am desperate to go back and earn some real money but at present, my office is my bathroom!!!

I most definitely anticipate in writing to the Minister in charge of DWP especially when my GP and Consultants have all provided their medical data that I am not fit to work.

Would I seriously opt sitting in my lavatory compliments of DWP for £100 a week or god willing, revert back to earning in excess of £500 per week.

Fed up, giving up and now literally suicidal to be quite frank!!!

Please someone forward me some happy stories.