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Pointless sadness



New member
Sep 1, 2009
Over the past few days I've developed, what I think is, depression. Nothing bad has happened to me lately but I am getting very emotional for absolutely no reason. Today I started crying because I ran out of mayonaise. I've been looking up symptoms of depression but I don't have alot of them. I seem to be easily upset and offended and I am being horrible to friends and family. People have noticed a change in me and when they ask what's wrong I don't know what to tell them. I just feel really sad and down but I am able to get on with my daily routine.

I have suffered sadness and emotions like this two other times over the last two years. sometimes it lasts a few days and goes away and comes back again and continues like this over a period of a few months. which has me totally mentally exhausted

Just a few days ago I was thinking how happy I am with my life and now I feel like this. I don't think it's bipolar either because I don't get any radical highs. I just seem to be normal and then, like a switch, I'm really sad.

If anybody could help me on this I'd really appreciate it.


Well-known member
Founding Member
Dec 19, 2007
Part of my diagnosis has a depressive/affective component. So much to say really, it's hard to put it down in a post. I think the best thing is just to say


and then let the conversation continue. All I'd really like to say is that whatever your mental health nothing is an end it's all a process. I've managed to recover some semblance of normality to my life (as judged objectively, in my mind I'm just as potty as I ever was...hurrrah!); I've gone from being homeless, problems with drugs, penniless, alone, cold, and hungry to housed, clean(ish, bit addicted to red bull!!!), bit of ready cash, loved by wife and children, and well fed. Like I say we all have different lows, and they are by no means an end.


hey sarah, we cant dx you or anything but if your worried go speak to your doctor. BP can be completely different for everyone who has it and sometimes when hypo i dont even see it. keep posting, i went through a hell of a mood swing it started yesterday, yours will end soon and you will feel better, but i know how horrible it is. :)

bit addicted to red bull
thats one addiction ive manage to beat :D

lovely drink though


Well-known member
Aug 16, 2009
hi sarah, i hope you manage to get over this. it could be, as you've already suspected, that you're suffering from plain old boring depression. it can come and go as you described, so you needn't suspect bi-polar - at least not at this stage.

the good thing is that most people eventually go through their depression, and never really get it again. only the few (sadly, i'm one of them) struggle for long, long periods or for life. and again, there's no reason to suspect that that will happen to you either.

i agree with the others, that you should see your doc and maybe get a book just to see whether anything rings any bells. (paul gilbert's 'overcoming depression ' is very good, but there is loads on the interweb too.)

take care sarah! :)

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