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plz help me



New member
Sep 15, 2009
Hello ,
Can anyone tell me how to make myself cry , i feel so numb , i think of bad times , but i still dont cry .

I want to curl up in a corner , and then never look back .

The last 10 yrs i have lived in a room , only going out if its essential , like doctors and helping my mum .

I live the same day everyday , for 10 yrs , i have exhausted alll my energy staying off drugs , i have been clean since 2000 nearly 10 years , i went out more when i was a druggie . I am so depressed , i have 150 mg of amitriptyline , been on them for 13 years , they dont help , but if i dont take them i cant sleep . Its even made me scruffy , anything and everything is such an effort , going to the toilet is such an effort . Having a shower is a big deal , my mind races , :(

I really dont know what is going on .



Well-known member
Jul 15, 2009
Hi, please try and get yourself to a doctor and tell him/her what you have said here. Print it out and give it to the doc if that's easier. It might be time for you to try some new meds that will make you feel better.

Let us know how you get on, in the meantime here's a :hug:


Yes, absolutely an appointment with a Doctor
If the anti- depressant is not working and your only taking it to get to sleep
There might be something else to help you sleep
AND a different anti-depressant
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