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Pls Help Me



New member
Aug 31, 2008
I have many mental problems in my life I am writing them in order in which they are troubling me more if any one will help me to over cum I will be thankful to him.
1) Fear from boss and people on higher rank. I never dare to go in front of them. Earlier I was having same problem with my teachers.
2) Poor concentration.
3) Poor memory.
4) Panic in tuff situation.
5) Poor decision making.


Perhaps you if learned to boost your confidence that would help you - poor concentration is something that a big section of the population have. Perhaps a course in assertiveness training might help?


To Tirath.

What does your doctor say about this? Have you been bullied or mistreated inthe past. You need someone to help you regain your self confidence. Ask if you can have a support worker.(y)
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