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PLEASE someone read this



Nov 12, 2014
Okay before I start I just wanted to say I have now found a psychiatrist to go to. so lately I haven't been feeling good mentally (for about 6 or so months now) It all started in the summer before leaving to go away to school. I just remember feeling less interested in what I used too etc, then one day with friends I went hiking and had my first experience of what I think was derealization which was so weird to me. Then I went to school and my anxiety picked up or atleast I kept telling myself for a long time it was, I just felt so not myself and stressed/in my head, anxious etc lack of interest in things. the whole time away at school. So lately now I've moved back home and have been having trouble because I want to know whats wrong with me. I can't shake these thoughts I would do anything to just snap out of this. I can't sleep good at night, I usually toss and turn till about 5 a.m.(my brain just won't stop thinking about this. I think I am obsessed with something being wrong with me, I go to the gym to try and stop the thoughts but they can be so overwhelming. What's making it worse Is that I keep thinking I am seeing things out of the corning of my eye, I'm not hearing any voices or actually hallucinating but still I obsess over the idea of schizophrenia or that I will wind up completely losing my self/control and It really brings me down. Lastly, Sometimes I am fine and other times when I go out I'm not, so I geuss mood is kind of unstable right now but i'm never overwhelmingly happy or sad. Please if anyone has similar experience PLEASE speak up I can't live with this anymore, thank you so much

Davey Blueeyes

Davey Blueeyes

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Jul 22, 2013
Isle of Wight
Okay, job one, try to calm yourself a little if you can. You have done the right thing by getting professional help, you just need to fully engage with that and keep yourself safe, okay?

In the meantime, look at some relaxation, meditation (especially Mindfulness), these can help a LOT of you invest some time in them.