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May 11, 2019
So I’ve been struggling with anxiety/ocd for around two years now and take Escitalopram which has helped a lot in periods. I have recently started to obsess over the possibility of having an eating disorder or developing one. I am very body conscious and have been all my life, a while ago when I was taking big strides in the gym and seeing results I would every so often get a takeaway and feel incredibly guilty after and throw it up this only happened a few times and haven’t done this in a long time. However last week I came home from finishing my night shift and had a cigarette which prompted me do feel fairly sick (I don’t smoke much) in which I then forced myself to be sick as I felt sick in bed and wasn’t able to sleep, ever since that moment my mind has become completely obsessed with me having a eating disorder, or developing one. To the point I now become anxious around food, however this hasn’t stopped me from eating nor have I been making myself sick I just feel purely anxious around food where my mind has obsessed over the thought so much, I am still very body conscious however I’ve been trying to fight the thought by continuing to eat whatever, but the thought continues there. I’m hoping this will all blow over I’ve always had a good relationship with food but this has really been a massive struggle the past week not leaving my mind from morning to night. I have of course researched the symptoms (as we all do 😂) and I’m not doing any of the main concerns which suggest I may have one eg.. purging and fasting, however the anxiety I feel around food now has become very concerning for me, I also have spells where I start to feel sick but under no circumstances have I been sick and I’m hoping this is down to my heightened anxiety. Any advice would be amazing as I’m extremely anxious at this moment in time.

Lunar Lady

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Mar 19, 2019
Hi Chris

I think it's highly unlikely you have an eating disorder but it sounds as if you are starting to obsess about having an eating disorder.

Yes - anxiety can make you feel nauseous. So can mild stomach bugs...and hunger.

Don't let this blip change your healthy relationship with food. :hug: xxx