Please respond ASAP please I need some help



May 29, 2019
Kingsport tn
Ok so yes I have had test back in January I had a 48 hour heart monitor I had a echo test done and I had a stress test all was normal I have been to the hospital every single day for months and they never find nothing either.. I also did this before like six years ago when I would go to the hospital every single day to multiple hospitals and had all the same test done and they found nothing but it went away for years and now it’s back again and I’m going to the er every single day but here is the facts five months ago I had all those test done but my heart wasn’t doing this new stuff so let me explain what it doing and you tell me if you still think this is anxiety .

So what I’m doing is every single day if I do anything physical my heart starts beating all crazy like thumping skipping beats beating off rythm beating irregular I mean walking up steps having sex pushing a cart anything physical I do sitting down then standing up anything my heart does crazy crazy things it skips beats it thumps really hard to where I get out of breath like the littlest things like walking up stairs and I’m out of breath and my heart is beating so hard I can’t breath then my heart will get off rythm and start beating irregular so how is this anxiety like m how I’m 29 I’m not over weight I don’t do drugs I don’t drink energy drinks so tell me how is this anxiety????? It’s not like I’m having panic attacks I mean yes I think about my heart alllllll day long I do notice every single beat in my heart but how can anxiety cause this when I do anything physical I can’t live a normal life at all I can’t do anything it’s ruining my life..

Look I have two kids I’m a single dad and right now financially I’m not doing good I work hard to provide for my kids I can’t even play with them because moving to fast or up and down sends my heart into a crazy arrhythmia and I can’t take it .. I have had a million tests and all normal but that was 5 months ago and now my symptoms are different so how can this be anxiety I don’t get it they are not panic attacks look what happens is that the symptoms happen and then booom I freak out then I obsess about the symptom then I go to the er but it’s the actual symptom that send me into panic not the other way around so someone anyone can you please explain how this is anxiety please


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Jan 12, 2019
Minnesota, USA
I am sorry for the late reply.

You are 29 and healthy and there’s nothing wrong with your heart or breathing. I suffered from the same symptoms you’re experiencing. I had all the tests you mentioned plus stress test where they had me hooked up to a monitor while running on a treadmill. I was running so fast to the point I thought my heart was going to leap out of my mouth 😁. The doctor told me that I was healthier than him.

It’s your brain that’s playing tricks on you. You are too focused on your heart and breathing. Forget about it and ignore it completely.

Are you an active person? If you are not, that’s very normal to feel tired and out of breath when you play with your kids. I used to get that when playing with my kids.

Do you smoke? I hope not. Smoking can cause you to get tired quickly.

Don’t be a hostage to your health anxiety. Enjoy your life mate. Always think positive and convince yourself that you are young and healthy and you at an age where heart problems are the farthest from you.

I hope you feel better soon.

Take care


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Feb 18, 2019
Delaware, USA
Hi there. See some of the other threads here. Anxiety can do all kinds of things to your body. You seem to realize it is anxiety, so I'm not sure what it is you need convincing of? You are definitely experiencing anxiety, and the best thing to do is to work on it. Google panic attack and anxiety if you want some of the biological explanation as to how this can work but the short story is -- yes it can explain all of your symptoms especially if you've already been checked over by a doctor.

Best thing to start with is look for a cognitive behavioral therapist to help you. Work on some breathing exercises or progressive muscle relaxation to help you more immediately. Again you can google for starters or ask me if you need more resources.