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Feb 23, 2019
hello, not a native english speaker but ill try my best to explain my situation.

i am emmigrant and i left my country without saying goodbye to my friends because of reason . i had a reason, when i get visa next day in the morning i had a flight i could not meet people to say good bye.

i think they got angry or i dont know

2 years passed as emigrant noone contacted me, so i lost them all i guess.

my parents divorced here where i live now , i started smoking weed an chocolate one after another, personally me im very emotional i get little things far,

so after my parents divorced i had stressful life , no friends, another countly another lifestyle another language noone to talk like feiend i was alone , so this strees my emotionality and smoking drugs got result, one day i got out of mind and i could not look into my moms eyes , neither fathers , even noone i could not stand at mirror i was very afraid, my mom took me to doctor and directly doctor sent me to psichiatric hospital where i was locked with 10 more pacients for 1 month. i could not think , my mind was tottaly out of mind and all this happened because of stress i got.

losing friend is never a good idea, expecially i lost A FRIEND WHO WAS PSYCHOLOGICALY STRONGER THAN ME EVERYTIME AND LETS BE HONEST I WAS AFRAID OF THAT GUY , what happens when we ever meet , what they will say to me or even will they ever wantbto meet me honestly.

so why im weiting here, losing those friend made me unhappy person, last time i was happy was the day 3 years ago when i met my parents i missed for a long time.

today i saw a knightmare, i stepped into my old neighbourhood and and i started screaming directly, when people geting closer mu voice was louder.

i dont know what im trying to achieve or listen here but i feel so bad idont know.

being silent is worst thing ever, dont do that to anyone, if you angy tell them, tell them what you think just dont bensilent.

my thoughts went so far about my old friends that i ended up in paychiayric hospital

this life sucks, life is wonderful i know i can see it but not for everyone,


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Feb 26, 2019
Manchester, UK
I know you said don't reply, but I really hope you're okay. It sounds like it's been a tough few years. We're all here on this forum if you want to talk about it.

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