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please, please, please help me.



New member
Jan 2, 2010
i'm not sure if i have anxiety, but that's what i think i may have from reading all the stuff on the internet...
so about 2 or 3 months ago, i got high for the first time on marijuana, and it was the most scariest experience of my life... i was seeing everything in really really really slow motion, to the point where all i saw were frames, and the after images of those frames. i thought i was dead. i had a huge panic attack that lasted for, like, 4 hours, and i was really messed up for the week that followed...
now i still don't feel normal... i feel like i'm going to die any second all the time... life doesn't feel real to me sometimes... and sometimes i feel like my actions don't match up with my brain... like my body will move but it'll only register that it moved like a few seconds later (kinda what i felt on pot)...
i have a lot of pains in my chest, and sometimes after my anxiety attacks it hurts to swallow, and i convince myself that i am dying...
i get really scared, and i'm really scared about going places... i just want to lay down and i feel kinda better.
i don't know what is wrong with me... i feel like part of my brain has shut off, or not functioning right or something.
my parents don't understand what's wrong with me, and they tell me to just "snap out of it," but i don't know how.
please help



Well-known member
Oct 20, 2009

The mistake a lot of people make with pot is that they take a lot of it first time, the equivelent of a bottle of vodka , rather than start with a half pint of cider.

Can you imagine how you would have felt if you did the vodka the first time you got drunk.

Pot act on each person in difffernt ways, and there are many varioties, some are really bad for people with even mild MH probs. (esp skunk), and I think should be avoided by everybody not just those with MH.

It sounds like you have some residual effects from your experience, and are feeling shock, and some paranoia, your normality has been shifted a little and you have yet to get used to it, like any "street" drugs you have to be very careful about what you do.

Anxioty attacks are scary, esp at first, try and focus undersatnd that it is what it is anxioty. Breath in, hold it, breath out, have some sugar, sweets drinks etc.

If you are realy worried about how you feel still, go see your GP and descus it with them.

I think you stay away from pot in the future it realy does not seem to suit you.

Take care .... :flowers:


bloody hell thats sounds really scarry best wishes JD


Dec 20, 2009
Look up 'depersonalization' or 'derealization'. I had the same, also cannabis induced. It does get better over time. I'm still not there, but it gets better.
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