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Please Help!



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Nov 10, 2009
Hello everyone

I am an Architecture student and I am posting this for two reasons, firstly because I have a relative who may be suffering from depression or anxiety and want to help them, secondly because I am doing a project on how to create a series of portable buildings, that move every 18 months. Where people can confront their depression and anxiety; get better and in some cases avoid it completly. This was a self written brief for a competition, and I wrote it with my relative in mind.

I totally understand that speaking about how you feel face to face, even with you GP, is a very difficult thing to do and conversly, one of the most popular ways to get and give support to people with these conditions, is obviously via forums. The reason this is aninmity. You can recieve advice without having to give any of your personal information, it is totally impartial and the people who help have the condition aswell. But the facinating thing is that people who have been through similar traumas such as; hearing voices, medication not working or suicide attempts, can advise members who are going through the same problems. With this in mind i propose to create a Virtual and Physical Message Board, where people can use the building in conjuction with the schemes website and forum. So people can arrange meetings in person and take their support to the next level.

Also, im sure alot of people are aware of this. Recent research shows, that our mental health is intrinsically linked with our diet; eating a diet high in processed food increases the risk of depression, while a diet largely based on whole foods, which includes lots of fruit, vegetables and fish, showed a significantly less chance to develop depression in future, but those who ate a mainly processed food diet, such as sweetened desserts, fried food, processed meat, refined grains and high-fat dairy products were up to 60% more likely to develop depression and anxiety. So creating a space where people can grow, harvest and buy fresh fruit and vegetables, aswell as have meetings with people who are in similar situations. Does this give the feeling of safety in numbers? Remember you could meet up with three, four or even five or six people at one time, who you know your are comfortable talking with as you have spoken to them via the forum already. GP's and councellors could atten

So, I propose to create a centre where people can address their mental health problems in a much more socially discreet and almost anonymous way. You would be able to arrange a meeting with someone who is not you GP, and might even be in the same postion as you, meet face to face and talk about things. Creating a vegetable garden and alotments gives the user the ability to grow their own fruit and veg, (hopefully taking their mind off their illness). Ginving them a sense of acheivment once the crop is harvested. Inviting a local fresh veg or fresh fish maket stall holders to set up a small stall near the Entrance/Exit at the weekends giving people visiting a chance to get fresh food easily. Or even setting up near a market and a cafe. Does this break down the stigma of face to face mental healthcare within the people suffering from depression and anxiety?

This project is close to my heart and I hope people dont think I am hijacking the forum.

Any input will be greatly appreciated as elements of the scheme may be put into practice, or even built. So the more information that you can give, the better.




What about severe mental illness?

There is some evidence that diet can be related to certain MH complaints in certain people. But it is by no means a singular or definite cause - you can cite trauma & stress, biological factors, psycho-social factors, trans-personal factors, & all manor of theorised reasons for mental illness. The fact is that no one knows what causes it.

It may help some to be able to grow vegetables; but I don't think for all. But it's not a bad idea to help some people in such a way.


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Nov 10, 2009


Thankyou very much for the swift reply, if the alotment/vegtable garden idea would be plausable, if not for everyone.

Do you have any opinion on the website and forum working in conjunction with the buildings functions? Like arranging group therapy sessions in person?


Do you have any opinion on the website and forum working in conjunction with the buildings functions? Like arranging group therapy sessions in person?
I am just a lowly moderator ;). The people to speak with would be one of the Admin team - Try Connect or Mischief.

In principle - some of the longer term aims of this forum is to make possible social support networks, & so in principle I don't see why not. But it isn't something that I can give you direct advice on.

You could maybe also try the mental health foundation; who played a part in the setting up of the original forum -


& also Radish on-line Limited -


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