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please help



Sep 22, 2018
i was wondering if anyone could help me as to whether i should tell my doctor about these things?

im terrified that i have sold my sell to the devil and that i have the power to make horrible things happen to people i care about because of this. which of course i really really dont want too.

im scared that i will make people go to hell because of my thoughts

im often terrified that some sort of demon or that im going to be possessd takes control over me and cause me to do things i dont want to.

sometimes when i close my eyes a see images of things relating to the devil and im convinced that something terrible is going to happen.

im always worried that i see 6's everyhwere and that this is a clue that something bad is going to happen because of me.

i alwyas question if my reality is real and feel like i dont exist at all.

sometimes i have experiences that i am floating in my room and that i am going to heaven altough i wasnt sure if i was sleeping or not.

yesterday when trying to go to sleep i heard a voice say scum really load.

im also terrifed that the police are after me at the moment because i accidentally clicked on a link on a website which to me looked really dodgy and i feel so horrible about it.


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
Hiya and :welcome: to the forum. You sound very scared of all your experiences. I don't think thoughts we have can do anything to others and they just crush us with their fear generating power. I think the police have much more things to deal with than a click on a dodgy site.

I don't know if that is at all helpful. Remember we have 75,000 thoughts a day, why are these particularly more powerful than other ones?

Have you ever been offered any therapy for your anxieties? I think you would benefit from learning techniques to control our responses to such thoughts.


Well-known member
Jan 6, 2017
I don't think you can cause people to go to hell. I believe only God can do that.