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please help


darkthoughtsscaredof life

New member
Mar 23, 2015
Hello everyone. This is the first time ive posted on here. Basically i have had very bad depression for about 25 years. Didnt go to doc for many of these years. Finally went met alot of docs who made me feel worse. Been on alot of different meds and seen alot of therapists but never helped. Hate going outside but force myself to walk the dogs. Hate being around people and some times i collapse if there people around cause im that anxouse. I wouldnt want to livd atall if it wasnt for my dogs. Get suicidal thoughts ended up in hospital for taking too much pills and bad self harming. Got sexually abused by stepfather since i was about 7 and had a miserable time with my mother with a very bad temper who hit me and my brother with belts etc. Me and my brother where well behaved wee didnt need to b hit. I livein fear everyday of what bad thing is going to happen next and i hate and loath myself. Thanks for reading


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Oct 19, 2009
northern ireland
Hi and :welcome:

Sorry that things are tough for you, I have 2 kids and a dog, and they are the things that keep me going. Although my poor dog hasn't got out in a few wks, but I'm going to force myself tomorrow.

Keep posting, and I hope things get better.

:hug: x


Mar 25, 2015
not in this universe!
So sorry about all of that, the abuse and the depression. I can relate. I was never physically abused but my dr says I have PTSD from emotional abuse-long story. And I've been depressed almost 20 years now. I hope things get better for you. If I can do anything for you let me know. Just PM me. Keep fighting the fight.
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