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Please help?



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Jan 7, 2015
I am 22 years old and I am really struggling with getting my mental heath issues under control..
I have previously been diagnosed with Bipolar, Depression, Borderline personality disorder + Anxiety.
I got back into contact with my local mental health team recently and after a few assessments they believe I have Asperges ADHD + some kind of delusional paranoia...
I am awaiting for the referrals to come threw so I can be assessed for the Asperges and ADHD but it still doesn't change the way I feel now, it's a relief that finally sone one wants to listen and help but I don't know what to do anymore to get me out of the rut I have put myself into..
I'm being violent to my partner and he's my rock, but soon enough I will push him too far! Any ideas would be great!

I'm at my witts end, I just want to be better!!


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Oct 16, 2014
First of all welcome to the forum, as for bipolar all i know is pretty much textbook knowledge, mood swings and up and downs is pretty much as far as my knowledge goes, i believe what my psychiatrist told me when trying to give me the diagnosis was if in periods i had unnatural amounts of energy and if in other periods i did not, i have no idea how it is to live with this.

As for borderline personality disorder, the feeling of abandonment is a natural occuring thing and anger can be too, did you explain thoroughly to your boyfriend what you are struggling with? i suppose you have as he's your rock i would say he's a very important factor in your life, and probably worth hanging onto.

Id say as far as my adwice goes to keep those strong factors in your life such as your partner present, and nourish those things/people and try to accept that your struggles are a part of you, and not something that is wrong with you.

I believe we can work our way through most problems and i believe patience and understanding plays a huge role, aswell as a good capable doctor and/or additional in the form of nurses/health workers

Id say if you havent done it already to try and sit down with your partner and explain exactly what your condition means, and that you cannot just switch it off, and that you do the same to family if you havent already.

Other then that i want you to wait for the assessments to be done, and try and cherish some healthy interests that keeps your mind off your struggles and gets you going and gives you something positive in life.

Furthermore you are not alone, here you can vent and people will listen and give good adwice i have to say anxiety is something i can relate to aswell, it can be crippling at times and medicine can be an option but it should never be long term, medicine for depression is another case and is usually applied for a longer period.

Best of luck.
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Hi and a :welcome: to the forum from me too.

Both Volnash and I are forum guides and you can approach us any time with questions about how to use the forum. All forum guides have their names in pink!

Sorry you are having to go through such a long diagnosis with so many different diagnoses suggested ... you must be very confused. Aspbergers...if that diagnosis is correct...must make the confusion a lot worse.

As Volnash says we're here to listen and support you, so please keep posting to us.

In terms of the violence towards your partner....could part of this be frustration with communicating and frustration with what's going on? It's maybe something to talk through with a counsellor who can target some of that frustration / communication skills perhaps?

It can't be nice for your partner to have you behaving in this way and we all need someone to support us at home...so try to find another outlet for your feelings like exercise, punching a pillow or going outside and having a good scream!

I hope things improve for you soon.


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Jan 7, 2015
Thanks for commenting back so quick..

Well firstly I'm on medication for bipolar and sleeping quatiapiene and zopiclone which doesn't seem to be working so doctors are going to trial some new meds on me to see if they suit me better..

My boyfriend is very understanding but I find it extremely hard to explain to him about my illness as I don't want it to put him off, he knows the basics just not all the details..

I feel relived that the mental health team have suggested new diagnosis on top of the other issues because now hopefully things will get better!

I just don't know how long this will take and I'm not sure what to do to keep me sane in the mean time!
Violence and anger is getting the best of me and it's towards the ones I love the most usually but now it's getting a lot worse and a lot more frequent as it's happening to anyone!!

I hate going out as I always feel like people are looking at me and talking about me, I feel anxious on edge and start to get hot sweaty heart races and need to just get out of the situation!

I feel like the more I tell the MHS the more ill be judged :(


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Oct 16, 2014
I want to touch on two things, first of all there is always anger management which can be helpful and can be beneficial even if it's not all your fault at all, im just saying that some of the anger is controllable and your dedication that you put down to solving the issue will go a long way.

As for you only telling your boyfriend the basics, my adwice is to try and open up if you feel comfortable and if you can, it may even better the relationship and his understanding of you and your situation.

As for the mental health team id say they are only trying to help in most cases, but i can understand you having mixed feelings about the system as i had such feelings too, what i came to realise was that hiding my troubles and trying to fend for myself, was in my situation simply too much to handle and i needed help.

I truely hope that the people around you are people you can trust that wont judge you, and will look at what you say with an open mind, as this is very rare today and not everyone has that trait i know, so i understand you feeling as if you cant share everything.

I am on quetiapine aswell, Seroquel which they tell me is basically the same medicine and it's working as intended, apart from the side effects which can be a bit annoying as with most medicine, you have to weigh the good versus the bad and see if it's worth it, if you dont have a choice then that is another matter entirely.

As Misskitty touched upon, try to engage in some healthy interests this can be biking/hiking/cycling/music/dancing/singing even in the shower/martial arts/art class/meditation and etc, there are so many things that can fill your day with some other impressions.


I can't really add to the good advice that Volnash has suggested above, other than to say that I hope you can find the right balance between disclosing and not feeling too threatened by Mental Health Services....I know exactly how you feel!

Maybe use words like "anger" rather than "violent" .... that might prevoke the right response and perhaps you will get offered some anger management techniques rather than being branded as someone less desirable!!:sorry:

Look forward to hearing how you get on.
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