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Please help



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Mar 20, 2010
Hi guys. I am 22 and i am just back from seeing the psychaitrist.I wrote down how i had been feeling the last 3 - 4 weeks and showed it to him. Things like racing thoughts, problems sleeping, incresed energy and so on.I asked him did he think i has Bipolar and he said it sounds like it. So is that a diagnosis then? He prescribed me with Olanzapine 15mg. My head was all over the place i forgot to ask him but what kind of drug is Olanzapine?How will it make me feel?When the shrink said it sounds like i have Bipolar is that a diagnosis?


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Jun 15, 2008
North West
Sounds pretty much like a diagnosis. Olanzapine is a kind of drug called an antipsychotic, typically used in psychoses, but it is also indicated as a mood stabiliser in bipolar disorder. Just be careful to monitor any side effects, particularly weight gain. Read the information leaflet in the box and do some google searches and read a much as you can manage about the drug, any drug for that matter. Good luck, hope it helps :flowers:


Jan 14, 2010
Hi there

My pyschiatrist told me I had bipolar and when the report came through to me it said that was the diagnosis. I had not the faintest idea what she was talking about, I thought I was fine tee hee hee!! It takes time to get your head around and to be honest i dont think im quite there yet. If they have said that it sounds like it then i'm sure they are right and hopefully you will get something to confirm that. I take lithium 1000mg and Seroquel 100mg ( i did start on olanzapine) but im still up and down. i know eventually it will settle down, well God, i hope it does. Its good to have supportive friends around tho they are just as important as the medication. i had a really bad day today and ended up threatening to do really stupid and dangerous things which i probably would have done had my friend not been there to pin me down (quite literally!!) and get me to see sense. Getting a diagnosis is great but its a rocky road ahead. I hope you will be ok. I find people on here are so supportive to one another :) x


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Mar 15, 2010
I was given my diagnosis in the same tone as if he suggested the next appointment
"so, i guess I'll see you in a few weeks from now since you are bipolar and all". I would have at least liked lights and whistles. It's not everyday I am given a diagnosis. Althought, I am a bit of a collector. I have an anxiety disorder and a personality disorder as well as bipolar.

It's already been mentioned but finding the right dose is the most frusterating part but well worth it. Personally, I eat lithium, seroquel and doxepin daily with a lorazepam (as needed). I am feeling very stable on these. So, there is hope. One day, you'll balance out and not feel beaten down by your illness.
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