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please help me!!



Oct 26, 2008
derbyshire UK
Im new to this forum and just needed to talk!
I dont really no what else to do to be honest. Ill start from the beginning!

Ok my bro was diagnosed with schizophrenia 7 yrs ago. He was in hospital for 6 months and was put on meds. He came home and found he could not live with us so asked to get a flat(was with us for 4 yrs). He got his flat 3 yrs ago and started to save money, got a gf and was getting so well again!

He was then told that his team were dicharging him as he was doing so well. He then split from gf and stopped taking meds (tablet form). They didnt rush him in and he was in a right state! violent etc! They put him on injection which has completely sent him over the edge! He doesnt wash, clean his flat, talks in a filthy manner etc. Hes so depressed and hes now been like this for 2 yrs!

The team who he is with now 'assertive outreach' are crap! They just come out to inject him and thats it! we are fighting to get meds changed and my poor brother doesnt no what to do!
I have just found out today that he has smashed up his TV and large mirror. we have to act like nothing is wrong. He laughs cuz of the voices in his head but says they arnt there! (THEY ARE!!)

I have just come from my mums house and my brother went upstairs, i heard him making himself sick (which hes done the past 2 yrs)

I cant take it anymore.....the mental health team are failing us and we dont no who to tell anymore!!!!

if anyone nos what to do PLEASE help me! help my brother,
all we want is for him to get better......will it ever happen???

thanks xxx

PS about 8months ago he also went round to his old school mates house. slit his tyres and put brick through window! he had to pay for damages! i had to have him arrested as he was carrying a knife around .... danger to self and others???? STILL didnt go to hospital!!!!!!
Rambuie Perspecador

Rambuie Perspecador

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Dec 21, 2007
This all sounds a bit out of hand, and closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, but sometimes the best thing that can happen is for the police to notice him and have him hospitalised. It sounds bizarre some of this, and he needs help by whatever means is obtainable. The cops usually know what's best , however devious it may sound to get him arrested. He's got paranoid thoughts which he translates into actions, is not responsible for his own actions, and could easily be shown to be a danger to himself and others. I don't think you need any other grounds to get help for him than that. Good luck. :cool:


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Oct 15, 2008
Hello SisterInNeed,

I cant take it anymore.....the mental health team are failing us and we dont no who to tell anymore!!!!

I'm hopeful that others will chime in to offer some more specific recommendations because what I have very little experience or insights in that regard. I will say...

- You need to know the laws regarding your brother's treatment and legal rights. If you've not already done so, use a search engine to locate a copy of the mental health laws that apply to your jurisdiction. Read them and if possible, share them with your brother.

- You need to find additional sources of support. It's possible there may be advocate or legal services that might be available to your brother. Again, a search engine might be helpful. One potential area of support are any local consumer-based support groups such as Mind Freedom International. It's possible you'll find others there who have fought the battles you're currently facing who can provide you with some specific direction.

- If you haven't done so, you need to talk to your brother to see what he has to say about all this. For example, it's apparent that you don't identify your brother's current treatment or medication as being helpful to him. Does he share your perspective? It's possible that you and your brother are perfectly in tune in regard to his treatment; if that's the case, you might be in a position to serve as an advocate for him. But it's also possible that you won't agree on his treatment -- for example, you might believe that a change in medication will be best for him while he might believe that no medication will be best. In such a situation, you may find yourself in conflicting positions.

- I'm also wondering what your brother has in place for support beyond family members and the outreach team he's been working with. I would recommend peer based support to every individual in crisis. If he's not hooked up with a local group you could always encourage him to explore online sources of support. As but one example, Intervoice International has recently begun a forum and this might be a source of support for him in regard to voice hearing.

I don't know if any of the above are things you've already tried or if they might be new approaches for you to consider. Hopefully, there will be something there that is helpful to you.

~ Namaste



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Dec 9, 2007
The World

Our web page might be useful - http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/getting-help

Sharing as you have done on the forum also is a really good way of getting several different perspectives on your situation. One of the things I have learnt is that there are many different approaches to dealing with issues and one has to find out which works best for you!


Hi Sister, i've tried all the injections and the're horrible

There's a variety of tablets he could try

Different people respond differently to Drugs

It's a matter of trial and error


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Jan 7, 2008
I know they keep trying to close my case and i wonder were i'd be if they succeeded, this medication is cure close case idea stinks, too many psychiatrists paid to go on expensive holidays offiialy to go to conferences organised by drug companys

I don't like peer based support, another word for segregation though why are i here, better off with your own kind

Sometimes maybe sectioning is best, if someone is behaving violently thet may end up on the receiving end of violence


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Oct 15, 2008
Ramboghettouk: I don't like peer based support, another word for segregation though why are i here, better off with your own kind...

I made a post to benkenobi yesterday, wherein I noted that I always recommend people in recovery create two things for themselves:

Support teams are comprised of people: family, friends, professionals, mentors and peers. Family and friends (ideally) offer love and understanding; professionals (ideally) offer expertise; mentors provide inspiration and strength; peers provide empathy and insights that can only come with personal experience. Pets might also serve a role on a support team because they offer companionship, unconditional acceptance and the opportunity to care for another living being. Every member of a support team serves a unique purpose and having one at our disposal increases the odds that when we're stuck or faltering, someone on our team will have an answer or a piece of information that will actually help us in the moment we need it.

Support toolboxes are comprised of activities and things that we identify as personally helpful. Medication, walking in the woods, a favorite piece of poetry, digging in the garden, meditation, a snuggly sweater, hugs, nature -- these are all examples of the sort of contents that might make up a personal support toolbox.

It's worth noting that most of the above do not come strictly from the mental health field and in fact, if we rely solely on that area to meet our needs we're probably going to encounter some chronic disappointment. But if we expand our vision and look for support beyond those boundaries, through our engagement with the larger world, we can minimize periods of discomfort or hardship. There will still be difficult moments of course, but we will have options in place to deal with them.
I do agree that if people are forced to draw solely on peer support, that's the equivalent of segration. But people who do not have the benefit of any peer support often find themselves feeling like a stranger in a strange land where they are the only one who is "different" and a person can feel terribly alone if they thing they're the only one. So I always recommend that people find some degree of peer support for themselves.

Sometimes maybe sectioning is best, if someone is behaving violently thet may end up on the receiving end of violence.

True and yet, I would hesitate to recommend sectioning for anyone except in extreme cases. Some people do identify hospitalization as being helpful but many people find it to be a dehumanizing experience that only increases their sense of isolation, helplessness, hopelessness and possibly, anger. I've spoken with a number of people who tell me the only good thing that happened for them in the hospital was learning how and where to lie... so they could get out of the hospital. The sad thing is, they went into the hospital so they could get help. Realizing it wasn't available there, they lie so they can get out and look elsewhere for the help they need -- if they haven't completely abandoned hope, that is.

I don't really know enough about the situation to understand why violence has taken place and I can appreciate it's very difficult and frightening when it does happen. But I know too that violence is the exception, not the norm and sometimes, people will move to aggression as a defensive gesture to protect themselves.

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