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please help me I am new here 31 and wondering what am i doing in life?



Aug 17, 2009
All my life I have had problems getting down and not wanting to leave the house for periods at a time. I have called in sick a few times this year and when I do I do it because I have my down days. Really dark days, crying, tired, headaches and not wanting to wash or change just sit on the sofa or go to bed. Whatever it is that is how I feel. Some weeks, months I can get up early and go to work happy, I think I will buy a house and my life is great so my mood varies greatly as you can see.
I need help but don't know who can help me. I go to doc and all they give me is meds and off you go? I am no spring chicken and need help? I am 31 so this quite normal? I did have a massive breakup in Feb.


hey boeing, :welcome:

sorry you are having a tough time

can i ask if the GP has referred you to any other doctor for an assessment, as you can ask to be and did anyone diagnose depression because of the breakup.

take care