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Please help me help my daughter



New member
Dec 21, 2009

I have posted on the carers section of this forum about the startling behavior of my daughter and I would really appreciate any guidance you could give from either carers of those with EDs or those who suffer.

Thank you in advance for your help, I really want my daughter back.

Here is what I wrote on the other board:

My daughter has had an unusual attitude towards food since she was 11 however in the past year (she is now 17) it seems to have become far worse. I was diagnosed with bipolar this year after suffering a severe mental breakdown and I have watched my daughter drop from 9 and a half stone to 8 stone 3lbs, she is 5 foot 9.
My main query to those who have perhaps been in my situation is, is her weight now a serious worry? And if so, where do I go from here?



Hi sweet goodnight

From looking at a bmi calculator your daughters BMI seems to be 17 (but I would check it out yourself by looking at a BMI calculator. The ideal BMI for a healthy woman is between 20-25, so it does appear your daughter is underweight. A BMI of 13-13.5 is a sectionable weight for treatment depending on the person. A BMI of 15-17 is still considered serious.

I can not say whether she has an eating disorder but yes perhaps her low weight needs addressing because low weight can lead onto amennorhea, osteponeia and osteporosis as well as other more serious issues.

I would have a sensitive chat with her to see if there is a problem. She might be reluctant to talk about it so perhaps having people in mind you can suggest she can talk to that you know will be supportive and encouraging of her getting some help if it is something serious might help.

If she does have an eating disorder Christmas can be quite a difficult time for those suffering, so perhaps having a look at the thread on this forum about how to cope with Christmas might help.

This link from beats website for carers might also help with how to best approach it...


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