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Please help im scared and giving up ....



New member
Apr 4, 2015
Hello.. This is the first time I have done this so would really like some advice im close to giving up ..... Basically from dec 27th I was getting pain in my left ovary which made me think was cervical cancer or ovarian cyst, doctors just brushed me off as normal pains until I had swabs and a ultra sound where all came back fine ... Then from then I was getting a herrendous headache that would make me feel so dizzy and lightheaded I went to A&e they gave me fluid and said was all due to stress and anxiety with tension headaches ... I was then told I have severe health anxiety IVe had further blood tests, swabs etc and nothing but each day I feel so ill I get headaches from When I wake up to going to bed my whole head is tense and hear clicking grinding pains all over my head it's so scary and I also have a weak right leg from the knee down :( im just not myself at all I don't feel apart of the world im scared to go back to work I feel so weird and I'll i know what I'm doing but don't feel all there and don't remember things as well ..... Please someone help me because no one else listens and im close to giving up 😢😢


Jan 15, 2013
Hi and :welcome: to the forum

Is there someone who could go to the GP's or A&E with you who are mouthy enough to make a huge fuss and get them to totally check you over with a CT in case it is something? Of course I don't want to say there is something, we aren't Doctors here but that might be a good idea :hug1:

Marliee x
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